Beef Cattle

Beef Cattle
Beef CattleAnimal Science Extension

Welcome to UNL Animal Science
Beef Cattle Extension!

The beef cattle extension program provides a variety of educational programs related to the beef cattle industry. You can get expert answers to questions, learn about upcoming events, or complete learning modules on all aspects of beef production including different management strategies, nutrition, reproduction, breeding and genetics, and how to improve profitability.

Faculty members at Animal Science will be glad to help you with any questions you might have.

The Beef Cattle Extension Faculty

Photo Dennis Brink
Dennis Brink
- Ruminant Nutrition
Photo Chris Calkins
Chris Calkins
- Beef Meats Research
Photo Galen Erickson
Galen Erickson
- Feedlot Nutrition
Photo Rick Funston
Rick Funston - Beef Physiology
Photo Terry L Mader
Terry Mader (Emeritus) - Beef Nutrition & Production
Photo Travis MulliniksTravis Mulliniks - Range Nutritionist
Photo Merlyn Nielsen
Merlyn Nielsen (Emeriti) - Beef Genetics
Photo Rick Rasby
Rick Rasby
- Beef Nutrition/Management/Reproductive Physiology
Photo Ivan Rush Emeritus
Ivan Rush (Emeritus) - Beef Production and Nutrition
Photo Matt Spangler
Matthew Spangler
- Beef Genetics
Photo Rick Stowell
Rick Stowell
- Beef Environment Engineering