Meat Science students looks at various cuts in the meat lab
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Welcome to UNL Animal Science
Meat Science Extension!

Our state-of-the-art facilities are among the best in the country. The program includes teaching, research, and extension activities covering the breadth of topics in the meat science field. Specific areas of expertise include extension programs in food safety, HACCP and youth education; teaching includes introductory animal products, meat evaluation, fresh meats, processed meats and a meat industry study tour (to name a few). Research ranges from animal growth and development, through fresh meats and processed/manufactured meat products. 

Faculty members at Animal Science will be glad to help you with any questions you might have.

The Meat Science Extension Faculty

Photo Dennis Burson
Dennis Burson (Emeritus) -  Extension Meat Specialist
Photo Chris Calkins
Chris Calkins - Fresh Meats Research and Teaching
Photo Steven Jones
Steven Jones (Emeritus) - Meat Animal Growth and Development Teaching and Research
Photo Gary Sullivan
Gary Sullivan - Value-Added and Processed Meats Research and Teaching
Photo Roger W Mandigo
Roger Mandigo (Emeritus) - Processed and Manufactured Meats Research & Teaching
Photo Ty Schmidt
Ty Schmidt - Pre-Harvest Meat Quality and Muscle Biology
Photo Brianna Buseman
Brianna Buseman - Youth Meat Animal Extension Assistant Professor