Extension Meat Science Learning Aids

Several learning aids have been developed here in the Meat Science area at UNL to assist not only students but anyone involved in the meat industry.

The websites for both Porcine Myology and Bovine Myology can be found on the left. The Bovine Myology has a CD which can be ordered through NCBA's KCR distribution system by calling 800-368-3138 or emailing customerservice@beef.org and referencing item number 12-801.

You may also find information about the Meat Evaluation and Identification Contest for the State Agricultural Education Career Development Events, as well as information on meat cut identification and a meats terms glossary.

Bovine Myology

Porcine Myology

CDE Meats Contest

Meats Terms Glossary

Beef Carcass Contests

Youth Meats Extension Channel

Meat Identification Links

Meat Cut Identification
Previous CDE/PASE Contests

Pork Carcass Information

Pork Carcass

Making a Marinade

Making A Marinade

Lamb Carcass Information

Lamb Carcass

Beef Carcass information

Beef Carcass