Kathleen P. Anderson Professor
Extension Horse Specialist

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Photo of Tom Burkey

Thomas Burkey Professor
Non-Ruminant Nutrition

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Photo of Dennis Burson

Dennis Burson Professor
Meat Extension & Food Safety Specialist

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Photo of Chris Calkins

Chris Calkins Professor
Fresh Meats

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Photo of Dan Ciobanu

Daniel C. Ciobanu Associate Professor
Molecular Genetics

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Photo of Kim Clark

Kimberly Clark Extension Educator
Dairy Systems

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Photo of Archie Clutter

Archie Clutter Dean of Agricultural Research Division

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Photo of Andrea Cupp

Andrea Cupp Professor
Reproductive Physiologist, Beef Physiologist
Irvin T. and Wanda R. Omtvedt Professor of Animal Science

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Mary Drewnoski

Mary E. Drewnoski Assistant Professor
Beef Systems Specialist

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Photo of Rob Eirich

Rob Eirich Associate Extension Educator
Director of Beef Quality Assurance
Panhandle Research & Extension Center

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Photo of Galen Erickson

Galen E. Erickson Professor
Ruminant Nutrition
Nebraska Cattle Industry Professor of Animal Science

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Photo of Samodha Fernando

Samodha C. Fernando Associate Professor
Nutritional Biochemistry

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Photo of Blaine French

Blaine French Assistant Professor of Practice - Livestock Evaluation & Youth Programs

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Photo of Rick Funston

Rick Funston Professor
Beef Cattle Reproductive Physiologist
Nebraska Beef Cow-Calf Professor of Animal Science

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Photo of Ronnie Green

Ronnie D. Green Chancellor
Animal Genetics

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Photo of Deb Hamernik

Deb Hamernik Associate Dean of Agricultural Research Division
Reproductive Physiology

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Photo of Chuck Hibberd

Charles Hibberd Dean of Nebraska Extension
Animal Science

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Photo of Lori Jaixen

Lori Jaixen Lecturer
Equestrian Team Coach

Photo of Steve Jones

Steven Jones Professor
Muscle Biology

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Lisa Karr Associate Professor
Companion Animal Specialist

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Photo of Rick Koelsch

Rick Koelsch Professor
Livestock Waste Management

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Paul Kononoff Professor
Dairy Extension Specialist

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Photo of Clint Krehbiel

Clint Krehbiel Department Head

Photo of Ronald Lewis

Ron Lewis Professor
Animal Breeding & Genomics

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Photo of Lena Luck

Lena Luck Assistant Professor
Youth Extension Equine Specialist

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Photo of James MacDonald

James C. MacDonald Professor
Ruminant Nutrition

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Phillip Miller portrait

Phillip Miller Professor
Swine Nutrition

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Photo of Benny Mote

Benny Mote Assistant Professor
Swine Extension Specialist

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Photo of Travis Mulliniks

J. Travis Mulliniks Assistant Professor
Range Cow Production System Specialist

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Photo of Jessica Petersen

Jessica L. Petersen Assistant Professor
Animal Functional Genomics

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Photo of Sheila Purdum

Sheila Purdum Professor
Poultry Nutrition

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Photo of Rick Rasby

Rick Rasby Associate Dean of Extension
Beef Specialist

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Photo of Bryan Reiling

Bryan Reiling Associate Professor
Livestock Production & Management

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Photo of Amy Schmidt

Amy Millmier Schmidt Associate Professor
Livestock Bioenvironmental Engineer

Full Amy Millmier Schmidt bio
Photo of Ty Schmidt

Ty Schmidt Associate Professor
Muscle Biology/Physiology

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Photo of Matt Spangler

Matt Spangler Professor
Beef Genetics Specialist

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Photo of Rick Stowell

Rick Stowell Associate Professor
Animal Environmental Engineer

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Photo of Gary Sullivan

Gary Sullivan Associate Professor
Meat Science

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Photo of Hiep Vu

Hiep Vu Assistant Professor

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Andrea Watson

Andrea K. Watson Research Assistant Professor
Ruminant Nutrition

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Photo of Brett White

Brett White Associate Professor
Swine Physiology

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Photo of Jack Whittier

Jack Whittier Professor, Director, Chair
Panhandle Research & Extension Center

Photo of Karla Wilke

Karla Wilke Associate Professor
Range Management Cow/Calf Specialist
Panhandle Research & Extension Center

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Jennifer Wood

Jennifer Wood Associate Professor
Molecular Reproductive Physiologist

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Photo of Dustin Yates

Dustin T. Yates Assistant Professor
Animal Stress Physiologist

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