Non-Ruminant Nutrition

Peta-Gaye Clachar

The research program in non-ruminant nutrition includes both applied and basic research in poultry and swine species. Research projects directed by faculty members offer a wide range of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduate employment opportunities include feeding and routine daily animal care, data collection of feeds and animals, sample preparation, lab analysis, carcass data collection, and internships.


Swine Research

  • Nutrient utilization of distiller's grains evaluates efficiency
  • The effects of growth modifiers on the performance of pigs are evaluated
  • Identification of vitamin and mineral requirements of nursery and growing-finishing pigs
  • The effects of protein and amino acids on growth, carcass compositions, and organ weights are studied
  • The effects of prebiotics and probiotics and gastrointestinal health
  • The effects of dam parity on progeny health and growth performance

Poultry Research

  • Laying hen nutrition requirements are evaluated
  • Work is being done on quality of egg production and efficiency
  • Current animal welfare of laying hens in cages is being researched
  • The relationship between cage density and number of hens per cage compared to energy needs and metabolism combines behavior, nutrition, and welfare issues
  • Research in problem solving works to improve productivity in the poultry industry
  • The UNL Animal Science department developed Omega Eggs to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

The non-ruminant nutrition program includes teaching, research, and extension activities covering both poultry and swine. Specific areas of expertise include extension programs in poultry management and nutrition, and swine management and nutrition. The teaching program consists of Advanced Animal Nutrition, Poultry Nutrition, Mineral Nutrition, Swine Management, and Animal Nutrition and Feeding. Our research program includes the Omega Egg, non-fasting molt studies in layers for poultry and Protein and amino acid nutrition, nutritional evaluation of corn by-products, and vitamin supplementation for nursery pigs for the swine.