Sheila Purdum

Sheila Purdum

Poultry Nutrition


  • Ph.D. 1986 - Iowa State University - Animal Nutrition/Human Nutrition
  • M.S. 1982 - University of Nebraska - Animal Nutrition
  • B.S. 1981 - University of Nebraska - Animal Science


  • Professor/Extension Poultry Specialist (2000-present)
  • Associate Professor/Extension Poultry Specialist- University of Nebraska (1992-1999)
  • Associate Professor/Extension Poultry Specialist - North Carolina State University (July - Sept. 1992)
  • Assistant Professor/Extension Poultry Specialist - North Carolina State University (1986-1992)
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Poultry Nutrition/Animal Science - Iowa State University (1983-1986)
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Poultry/Animal Science - University of Nebraska (1981-1982)


  • Nebraska Poultry Industries Hall of Fame Award, 2008
  • Helen Cecil Leadership Award, Poultry Science Association, 2007
  • IANR Outreach Innovation Award, 2004
  • Epsilon Sigma Phi Certificate of Achievement for 10 Years Service, 2002
  • AFIA Nutrition Research Award, Poultry Science Association, 2000
  • ASAE Honorable Mention Paper Award, 1995
  • ASAE Blue Ribbon Award for Outstanding Educational Aids, 1992
  • North Carolina Agriculture in the World Program Awardee, Phillip Morris and North Carolina Coopeative Extension Service, 1989-1990
  • Iowa State Graduate Research Excellence Award, 1986
  • National Feed Ingredients Association Scholarship, 1985
  • Frank Mussehl Poultry Schoalrship, 1982
  • Nebraska Poultry Industries Award, 1981
  • University of Nebraska Foundation Scholarship, 1979
  • All American Scholastic and Athlectic Honoree, 1978


  • Omega Egg Research and Patent
  • Nutritional Factors Affecting Calcium Utilization and Shell Quality in Laying Hens
  • Use of Exogenous Feed Enzymes in Layer and Pullet Feed
  • Laying Hen Behaivor


  • Education Coordinator Midwest Poultry Federation Education Program (1994-2000)
  • Coordinator of Pre-Show Nutrition Symposium (1997-2008)
  • Implementation of Quality Control Feed Programs
  • Field Studies and Recommended Usage of New or Alternative Ingredients in Layer Diets
  • Vitamin E Supplementation During Heat Stress
  • Guidelines for Feeding Ostriches and Emus, and Management Advice
  • Superintendent for State 4-H Poultry Judging Contest (1993-2008)
  • Superintendent for FFA Poultry Judging Contest (1993-2008)
  • Various 4-H Poultry Judging Clinics


  • ASCI 491: Senior Seminar
    Semester: Spring and Fall
    Summary: Student-led discussion of selected current topics significant to the livestock, poultry, and meat industry. Concerns and issues of society as they relate to local, national, and international animal agriculture.
  • ASCI 421/821: Advanced Animal Nutrition
    Semester: Fall
    Summary: Advanced course dealing with the nutrition of domestic animals. In-depth overage of nutrients, nutrient metabolism, and nutrient requirements. Biochemical and physiological functions of nutrients in life process.
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