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Welcome to the most comprehensive animal science program in Nebraska!

The Department of Animal Science, within the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, is the most comprehensive animal science program in Nebraska! In 2023, we will celebrate 125 years of sustained excellence in the three functional pillars of the land-grant institution: Teaching, Research, and Extension. Over the course of our impactful history, internationally recognized faculty have lead innovative animal systems programming (For more detail: Undergraduate programmatic opportunities; Graduate programmatic opportunities; and Research opportunities). Our commitment to developing and implementing innovative, interdisciplinary, and hands on experiential opportunities prepares students for careers in animal systems and serves our stakeholders by providing solutions to the sharply rising demand for food, feed, fiber, water and energy. If your goals involve working directly with animals or the animals systems pathway (occupations related to the raising and caring of animals, human-animal relationships, and developing more efficient ways of producing animal products), we can help you reach your goal. Contact us at 402-472-3571 or email us below.

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