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Emergency Depopulation of Livestock Facilities
During COVID-19

Animals continue to grow and move through livestock production systems despite packing plant closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. These recommendations pertain to livestock farmers who may be forced to euthanize livestock to avoid exposing their animals and workers to unsafe conditions.

  1. Humane animal handling and euthanasia practices should always be a priority. Contact your herd veterinarian for guidance on accepted euthanasia methods.
  2. Options for carcass disposal in Nebraska: rendering, composting, traditional burial, above-ground burial (temporary order allowing this method) incineration, and landfilling. Contact your Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) Field Inspector if you plan to dispose of animals on-farm.
  3. Financial and technical assistance for COVID-19 related carcass disposal is available through the USDA Emergency Animal Mortality Management Initiative. Contact the USDA Service Center in your county. Completion of NRCS Form 1200 and an approved early start waiver are required before euthanizing any animals for potential USDA financial assistance.
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The Swine extension program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln focuses on producer education. Online resources including the recent Nebraska Model Conference and computer templates to assist in production management can be found here along with extension publications. This page is designed to give producers easy access to information on nutrition, breeding, management, and other production aspects, as well as upcoming events and activities.

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The Swine Extension Faculty

Photo Benny Mote
Benny Mote
-Swine Extension Specialist
Photo Amy Schmidt Amy Schmidt -Swine Environmental Issues
Photo Thomas Burkey
Tom Burkey
-Non-ruminant Nutrition
Photo Phillip Miller
Phillip S. Miller
--Swine Nutrition
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Rick Stowell
- Swine Environmental Engineering
Daniel Ciobanu
Daniel Ciobanu
- Molecular Genetics