Kristin Beede

Kristin Beede Research Technologist I

Photo of Jeff Bergman

Jeff Bergman Research Technician III

Rebecca Cederberg

Rebecca Cederberg Research Analyst

Peta-Gaye Clachar Communication Specialist

Karen Conway photo

Karen Conway Office Associate
Ruminant Nutrition, Non-Ruminant Nutrition

Photo of Deb DeWald

Deb DeWald Personnel Specialist

Brande Dicks

Brande Dicks Financial Associate

Photo of Carrie Duffy

Carrie Duffy Financial Specialist I

Photo of Jennifer Dush

Jennifer Dush Administrative Associate

Photo of Andi Hallberg

Andi Hallberg Office Associate
Physiology, Breeding & Genetics

Sarah Halsted

Sarah Halsted Accountant

Photo of Gail Henderson

Gail Henderson Non-Ruminant Lab Manager

Austin Holliday Ag Research Technician III

Photo of Brent Johnson

Brent Johnson Livestock & Building Operations Manager

Photo of Tommi Jones

Tommi Jones Meat Science Lab Manager

Grace Kim Extension Assistant 4-H

Photo of Scott Kurz

Scott Kurz Physiology Lab Manager

Photo of Erin Marotz

Erin Marotz Dairy Manager

Levi McPhillips

Levi McPhillips Feedlot Manager

Photo of Ginger Mills

Ginger Mills Research Technician II

Photo of Karl Moline

Karl Moline Cow/Calf Unit Manager

Photo of Justin Moore

Justin Moore Feed Mill Manager

Stephanie Osterthun

Stephanie Osterthun Academic Advisor

Photo of Jeff Perkins

Jeff Perkins Swine Unit Manager

Photo of Sherri Pitchie

Sherri Pitchie Office Associate
Meat Science, Breeding & Genetics

Alli Raymond

Alli Raymond Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator

Photo of Calvin Schrock

Calvin Schrock Meat Lab Manager

Allen Specht

Allen Specht Business Manager - AVE Business Center

Darren Strizek Research Technician II - Dairy

Reo Weeks Assistant Manager - Loeffel Meat Market

Photo of Linda White

Linda White Computer Specialist

Photo of Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson Payroll Associate
Graduate Secretary