Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars

Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars


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Dr. Matt Spangler

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The Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars Program is a unique minor available to UNL students.  This minor is part of a greater effort to improve beef education and research in the state of Nebraska, an initiative we refer to as BEEF.


From production of calves and feeding cattle to slaughter and fabrication of beef products for consumers, the Nebraska beef industry holds a premier ranking in the USA. The University of Nebraska- Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources offers a unique educational opportunity for building tomorrow's leaders of the nation's beef industry. The program combines the strengths of Nebraska's beef industry and leaders with nationally recognized faculty to provide students with a highly focused, beef-centered educational experience.


The Nebraska BEEF (Beef Education Excellence for the Future) program ensures that UNL students, in various majors, will acquire the science, technology, business, and leadership education required for success in our beef industry. Students will engage in seminar courses with industry leaders and specialty courses in cow-calf production, feedlot management and meats processing, building toward a senior-level beef systems capstone course. An intensive internship in the beef industry is an integral component of the Nebraska BEEF program.


Students in the Nebraska BEEF program will develop as scholars of the beef industry. Located in Nebraska, the heart of the nation's beef industry, this program combines the knowledge and insights of industry leaders with science-based course led by nationlly recognized faculty. The excellence of Nebraska beef industry leaders and UNL BEEF faculty are the foundation for this program.

To be successful as a leader in the beef industry of the future, students of today will need an edge- an edge formed by a challenging, futuristic, industry- centered curriculum and learning experience. The Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars Program offers that!

Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars Q & A

What is the Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars minor?
The Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars minor is a unique educational opportunity to develop future leaders for the beef industry. It combines learning opportunities provided by Nebraska beef industry leaders and University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty. It is part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's BEEF (Beef Education Excellence for the Future) initiative to enhance beef education in Nebraska.

What makes the Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars (BIS) minor unique?

The Nebraska BIS minor combines the knowledge and insights and direct involvement of leaders in the beef industry with science-based courses led by nationally recognized faculty. Students can focus intently on the beef industry through hands-on classes, thought-provoking seminars, internships and other activities designed specifically for them.

What careers are Nebraska BIS equipped for?

Graduates will become the new leaders of the beef industry. They will become the seedstock breeders, ranchers, feedlot managers, processing managers, bankers, veterinarians and executive directors of beef and cattlemen's associations that assist in all aspects of beef production from conception to consumption.

What courses are required for the NBIS minor?

Minor Requirements (pdf)

What are the future benefits awaiting UNL graduates with Nebraska BIS minor?

Graduates with the Nebraska BIS minor will be the best trained individuals entering into jobs in the beef industry. Their specialized education that combines scientific and practical skills is coupled with a strong network of colleagues gained through the Nebraska BIS minor. Following graduation and accumulated industry experiences, Nebraska BIS participants are expected to evolve into the industry leaders of the future.

NE Beef Industry Scholars Scholarships

Scholarships are available through the Animal Science Department, based on funding provided by the Nebraska Cattlemen. These scholarships will be awarded to students who plan on being a part of the Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars (NBIS) during their collegiate career. Students should have a strong interest in the beef industry.

The application is the same as for other Animal Science Freshman scholarships and is available on the Scholarships and Financial Aid page. Applications are due February 15th each year.

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The senior class of the Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars and Nebraska Cattlemen are excited to release details about the line-up of topics and speakers for the 2018 Beef Summit. It will be held on November 15th at the Animal Science Complex on University of Nebraska - Lincoln's East Campus in Lincoln, NE. Registration forms can be found to the left. The seminar will begin with registration at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 4:00 p.m. A variety of topics will be discussed at this year's event.

John Hinners from the United States Meat Export Federation will discuss national trade. Hinners leads trade groups traveling in international markets, promoting U.S. red meat exports.

Brandon Nuttlemen, Merck Animal Health, will present his session, Progressive Technology to Improve Animal Health. Nuttleman specializes in beef cattle technical services. He earned a PhD in Ruminant Nutrition at University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

For the first time in Summit history, a breakout session will be offered! The class is excited to offer differing, yet relevant sessions to meet the interests of attendees. One option in the breakout session is Succession Planning and Startup in a Family Operation, presented by Matt Gunderson. Gunderson is the assistant vice president of Client Relations with Farmers National Company. He is passionate about helping producers prepare for the future of their operation through succession planning. Another option is Livestock Traceability Impacts on Producers, presented by IMI Global, who specializes in verification and certification programs for the  livestock industry. Their goal is to enable producers, feeders, growers, packers, and processors to meet the ever-changing needs of both domestic and international markets.

A knowledgeable pair of speakers is collaborating on a session titled, Genomically Based Decision Making. Kenny Stauffer is the director of beef genomics at Neogen, which is one of two commercial
genetic testing companies in the United States. Shane Bedwell, Director of Breed Improvement for the American Hereford Association, is the other half of the duo. Bedwell's duties at AHA include heading the performance department, and brings visual evaluation experience as well.

As market volatility is always on the front line, Randy Blach from CattleFax will share his thoughts in a session of Managing Risk in Volatile Markets. Blach is actively involved in a cow/calf, stocker, and finishing program in Colorado, and has been the CEO of CattleFax since 2001. His technical knowledge and experience as a keynote speaker combine for a worthwhile session.

Lab cultured meat will be the topic of the panel discussion to conclude the Summit. Since this topic has been making waves in the last year, the class decided to bring forces together from different aspects of the beef industry. Representatives from NCBA, a University of Nebraska - Lincoln meat scientist, and Memphis Meats will sit on the panel.

Space is limited, so please submit your registration form by November 8th to secure your place. The cost of this program is $50 and will cover lunch, speaker costs and other expenses for the event. After receiving your completed registration, we will send you additional event information. Parking permits are needed for lots on campus and will be provided at registration. We hope to see you on November 15th.