Mary E. Drewnoski

Photo of Mary Drewnoski
Areas of Expertise
Beef Cattle
Ruminant Nutrition
Assistant Professor
Beef Systems Specialist


  • Ph.D., North Carolina State University, Animal Science & Nutrition 2009
  • M.S., North Carolina State University, Animal Science 2006
  • B.S., Berea College, Agriculture and Natural Resources 2004


  • Assistant Professor, Beef Systems Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2014-present
  • Assistant Professor, Beef Nutrition, University of Idaho 2012-2014
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Feedlot Nutrition, Iowa State University 2009-2012


She is a part of an interdisciplinary team evaluating Economical Systems for Integrated Crop and Livestock Production in Nebraska. Her current research and extension program is focused on the utilization of crop residues and cover crop forage for backgrounding calves and feeding beef cows.


  • Published Peer Reviewed Manuscripts (24 total)
  • Professional Meeting Abstracts (32 total)
  • Peer reviewed Extension Publications (12 total)
  • Experiment Station Reports (12 total)


Refereed Journal Articles

  • Blanco, H., L. A. Stalker, R. Rasby, T. Shaver, M.E. Drewnoski, S. van Donk, and L. Kibet. 2016. Does Cattle Grazing of Corn Residue Cause Losses of Sediment, Carbon, and Runoff Nutrients? Soil Science Society of America Journal. doi: 10.2136/sssaj2015.07.0254
  • Drewnoski, M.E., D. J. Pogge and S. L. Hansen. 2014. Board Invited Review: High-sulfur in beef cattle diets: A review. J. Anim. Sci. 92:3763-3780.
  • Drewnoski, M. E., P. Doane, and S. L. Hansen. 2014. Ferric citrate decreases ruminal hydrogen sulphide concentrations in feedlot cattle fed diets high in sulphate. Brit. J. Nut. 111:261-269.
  • Drewnoski, M.E. and M.H. Poore. 2012. Effects of supplementation frequency on ruminal fermentation and digestion by steers fed medium quality hay and supplemented with a soybean hulls and corn gluten feed blend. J. Anim. Sci. 90:881-891.
  • Poore, M. H. and M. E. Drewnoski. 2010. REVIEW: Utilization of Stockpiled Tall Fescue in Winter Grazing Systems for Beef Cattle. The Professional Animal Scientist. 26:142–149.
  • Drewnoski, M.E., E. J. Oliphant, M. H. Poore, J. T. Green, and M. E. Hockett. 2009. Growth and reproductive performance of beef heifers grazing endophyte free, endophyte infected and novel endophyte infected tall fescue. Livestock Sci. 125:254-260.
  • Drewnoski, M.E., E. J. Oliphant, B.T. Marshall, M. H. Poore, J. T. Green, and M. E. Hockett. 2009. Performance of growing cattle grazing stockpiled Jesup tall fescue with varying endophyte status. J. Anim. Sci. 87: 1034-1041.

Peer Reviewed Extension Publications

  • Drewnoski, M and D. Redfearn. 2015. Annual Cool-Season Forages for Late-fall or Early-Spring Double-Crop. NebGuide G2262.
  • Drewnoski, M and H. Blanco. 2015. Effect of Grazing Double-Cropped Annual Forages on Soil and Crop Yields. NebGuide G2264.
  • Rasby, R., M. Drewnoski, and L. Stalker. 2014. Grazing Crop Residues with Beef Cows. University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension Circular. EC278: 1-14.
  • Drewnoski, M.E., S. L. Hansen and D. Loy. 2014. Ethanol Coproducts for Beef Cattle- Avoiding the Negative Effects of High Dietary Sulfur. Ethanol Coproducts for Beef Cattle. Iowa Beef Center. IBCR 0200F

Non-Peer-Reviewed Educational Publications

  • Drewnoski, M.E., N. Mueller, R. Saner, P. Jasa, G. Zoubek, J. Rees, K. Pekarek, R. Elmore, D. D. Redfearn and G. Lesoing. 2015. Report on Cover Crop Survey of Nebraska Farmers. CropWatch Electronic Newsletter. December.
  • Parsons, J. and M. E. Drewnoski. 2015. Rental Agreements for Cover Crop Grazing. Cornhusker Economics. November.
  • Drewnoski, M. E. and D. Redfearn. 2014. Grazing Corn Residue is a Win-Win for Crop and Cattle Producers. University of Nebraska - Lincoln CropWatch Electronic Newsletter. November.

Research Reports

  • Cox, J. L., K.E. Hales, K. M. Ulmer, R. Rasby, S. D. Shackleford, C. Engle, J. Rieckman, H. C. Freetly and M. E. Drewnoski. 2015. Utilizing Corn Residue or Fall Double Cropped Forages for Winter Backgrounding of Calves. Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. MP 103: 55-57.
  • Ulmer, K. M., R. G. Bondurant, J. L. Harding, G. Lesoing, M. E. Drewnoski and J. C. MacDonald. 2015. Observations of Forage Quality and Calf Gain when Grazing Double Cropped Forage following Wheat Harvest. Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. MP 103: 65-67.
  • Thompson, L., G. Lesoing, J. C. MacDonald, and M. E. Drewnoski. 2015. Soybeans Planted into Grazed and Non-grazed Cover Crop. Nebraska On-farm Research Network 2014 Growing Season Results. p 14.
  • Drewnoski, M., L. Stalker, J. MacDonald, G. Erickson, K. Hanford and T. Klopfenstein. 2014. Effect of Corn Residue Removal on Subsequent Crop Yields. Nebraska Beef Cattle Report MP101: 53-55.
  • Dahlke, G. and M. Drewnoski. 2011. The Feeding Value of Heat Damaged Corn Grain in Cattle Diets. ISU Animal Industry Report. AS Leaflet-R2591.