Ruminant Nutrition Lab

Picture of Lab Samples

Manual of Laboratory Techniques

General Procedures

Sample Grinding Procedure PDF (20 kb)

Dry Matter and Ash CURRENT PDF (27 kb)

60°C Dry Matter Instructions CURRENT PDF (10 kb)

pH and VFA Analysis PDF (10 kb)

Particle Size Analysis PDF (45 kb)

Glassware Cleaning Procedure PDF (20 kb)

Cleaning Gooch Crucibles PDF (19 kb)


Nitrogen Analysis CURRENT PDF (19 kb)

Ammonia Nitrogen PDF (20 kb)

Neutral/Acid Detergent Insoluble Nitrogen PDF (15 kb)

Pepsin Insoluble Nitrogen PDF (14 kb)

AOAC Pepsin Insoluble Nitrogen PDF (11 kb)

Ficin Activity Determination PDF (24 kb)

Protease – Pepsin Insoluble Nitrogen PDF (31 kb)

Pepsin – Pancreatin Insoluble Nitrogen PDF (30 kb)

Soluble Nitrogen – Wise Burroughs Method PDF (15 kb)

Soluble Nitrogen – Sodium Chloride Method PDF (11 kb)

Non-Protein Nitrogen PDF (18 kb)

Escape Protein from Omasal Samples PDF (21 kb)


Neutral Detergent Fiber CURRENT PDF (16 kb)

Acid Detergent Fiber CURRENT PDF (15 kb)

ADF/NDF Ankom Technique CURRENT PDF (23 kb)

Sulfuric Acid Lignin CURRENT PDF (15 kb)

Permanganate Lignin PDF (16 kb)

Suggested Fiber Publications PDF (16 kb)

In Vitro Ruminal Fermentation

In Vitro Dry Matter Disappearance CURRENT PDF (27 kb)

In Vitro Starch Disappearance PDF (33 kb)

In Vitro NDF Digestion PDF (23 kb)

In Vitro Ammonia Nitrogen Release PDF (20 kb)

In Vitro Gas Production PDF (20 kb)

In Situ

Standard In Situ Procedure for Concentrates CURRENT PDF (27 kb)

Standard In Situ Procedure for Forages CURRENT PDF (29 kb)

In Situ NDIN PDF (19 kb)

In-Situ Pepsin-HCl Digestion CURRENT PDF (15 kb)


Megazyme Starch Analysis-simplified CURRENT PDF (46 kb)

Phosphorous Analysis of Feeds  PDF (26 kb)

Sodium Analysis – Electrode PDF (19 kb)

HPLC Lactate and VFA  PDF (16 kb)

Fat and NDF Extraction CURRENT  PDF (23 kb)

H2S Collection Procedures PDF (23 kb)

Toluene Procedure  PDF (79 kb)

Toluene Water Analysis CURRENT PDF (17 kb)

%Sulfur Determination CURRENT  PDF (24 kb)


Titanium Dioxide CURRENT  PDF (29 kb)

DAPA Determination CURRENT  PDF (58 kb)

Cobalt – EDTA  PDF (29 kb)

Polyethylene Glycol  PDF (31 kb)

Indigestible Acid Detergent Fiber  PDF (16 kb)

Acid Insoluble Ash PDF (14 kb)

Binding Rare Earths PDF (22 kb)

Rare Earth Element Analysis  PDF (16 kb)

Marker Calculations  PDF (13 kb)

Blood Flow Calculations  PDF (10 kb)

Modified Purine Assay  PDF (33 kb)

Diaminopimelic Acid  PDF (18 kb)

Xylose Determination  PDF (15 kb)


Ruminal Fluid VFA PDF (25 kb)

Analysis of Rumen Ammonia PDF (26 kb)

Creatinine PDF (19 kb)


Plasma Urea Nitrogen PDF (20 kb)

Deproteinization of Plasma PDF (10 kb)

Blood Urea Nitrogen PDF (32 kb)


Counting Ruminal Protozoa PDF (33 kb)

Bacteria Counting PDF (18 kb)


Buffer pKa and pH Range Values PDF (27 kb)

Mead Feed Analysis
Sheep eating and stand

Mead Feed 60° C DM PDF (20 kb)

Mead ORTs
Mead Feed Summaries
2006 Excel (74 kb)
2006 PDF (149 kb)
2007 Excel (45 kb)
2007 PDF (105 kb)
2008 Excel (31 kb)
2008 PDF (103 kb)
2009 Excel (24 kb)
2009 PDF (124 kb)
2010 Excel (40 kb)
2010 PDF (165 kb)
2011 Excel (61 kb)
2011 PDF (148 kb)
2012 Excel (40 kb)
2012 PDF (143 kb)
2013 Excel (25 kb)
2013 PDF (148 kb)
2014 Excel (48 kb)
2014 PDF (165 kb)
2015 Excel (22 kb)
2015 PDF (101 kb)
2016 Excel (143 kb)
2016 PDF (85 kb)

Laboratory Safety
Health and Safety Sign

Laboratory Rules and Information

Standard Procedures and Safety Rules  PDF (20 kb)

Laboratory Safety  PDF (24 kb)

Disposal of Biohazards  PDF (10 kb)

Incompatible Chemicals  PDF (31 kb)

Chemical Waste Pick-up  PDF (20 kb)

General Rules for use of Pipette  PDF (13 kb)

Basic Rules for Handling an Enzyme  PDF (15 kb)

Centrifuge Safety PDF (25 kb)

Autoclave Safety PDF (24 kb)

Heating Device Safety PDF (18 kb)

Housekeeping in Labs PDF (13 kb)

Data Collecting, Reporting, and Computing PDF (14 kb)

Notebook Checklist PDF (11 kb)

Periodic Table of the Elements PDF (44 kb)

Laboratory Safety Signiture Sheet
Laboratory Safety Presentation

Cattle safety
Online Training
EHS Virtual Manual Assesment

EHS Safety Training

  • Go through each training module assigned. Print off assessment after passing quiz and turn into Ruminant Nutrition Lab.

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