Faculty Advisor
Dr. Lisa Karr

SEECA is the Students for Education in Exotic and Companion Animals. We are a student organization that was formed for students with an interest in exotic and companion animals. The organization provides an opportunity for students with an interest in companion, exotic, or zoo animals to become acquainted with one another and to improve the knowledge and understanding of these animals. The club does this through inviting speakers involved in a variety of fields related to exotic and companion animals to speak at regular meetings. In addition, the organization seeks to increase the awareness of companion and exotic animals on campus and within the community. The students look for opportunities to volunteer and to aid service groups related to companion animals. SEECA received recognized student organization status in May 2008.

Current Officers

Jacob Kruckenberg
Vice President
Colleen Ballinger
Melanie Herbers
Courtney Chambers
Dr. Lisa Karr

Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the East Campus Union or the Animal Science Building. We try to make all the meetings fun for everyone. We bring in speakers for each meeting who bring in and talk about all different kinds of animals. Some of our speakers in the past include: Wildlife Encounters, Lincoln Children's Zoo, and an entomologist from UNL. With almost every speaker, our members are able to interact with the animals that are brought. It is a great club to join to get a break from homework and studying. We also have food at all of our meetings!

Bowling Alley Fun

SEECA Dog Training

We put on our first training class in the Spring of 2009. Jill Morstad comes out and is the trainer in charge of the dogs while the club members assist and observe the various techniques. Our first class was a Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) class where it prepared the dogs to be tested at the end of the 8 week class for their CGC. We plan on offering this class ever Spring and in the Fall offering a basic obedience class. All classes are limited to 10 dog/handler teams due to our limited amount of space. We hold the classes in the Animal Science Building and days and times are announced prior to the class date. We have a lot of fun with these classes and hope to continue with these classes in the future with more college age students and faculty. Our goal with these classes is to provide a way to educate the university community on proper dog handling and training.

Dog Training

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