Nebraska Western Heritage Cattle Sorting School and Competition

The Western Heritage Cattle Sorting School is facilitated by Cinch-RSNC, and is for the ranch horse and rider team that wants to become more skilled in working cattle correctly.

Western Heritage sorting is for those who excel in slow and quiet cattle handling. Riders are limited to a trot or slower, and verbal noise directed to influence cattle is prohibited. Western Heritage Sorting follows other standard Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championship rules. Come out and try something new and different with your horses! No experience necessary for either your horse or you.

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Western Heritage Sorting Flyer


Location: Fonner Park, 700 E Stolley Park Rd, Grand Island, NE 68801

Friday (optional)

5-6pm Arrival, stalling and warm-up

6-8pm Rider & Horse Tune-up Clinic



7:15 am Check-in and registration

9 am Welcome

9:15 am Cattle Maneuver Basics for Horses  

10:30 am Handling & Working Cattle Horseback

 11:45 am Lunch, along with

12 pm session

12 pm ‘How to Enter a Sorting’  

1:15 pm Mechanics of Sorting

2:30 pm Performance Horse Readiness Check

3:30 pm Graduation  

4:30 pm Cinch RSNC sanctioned Western Heritage Sorting Class

4:00 (books close for drawing Ranch Sorting working orders)

4:30 Western Heritage Ranch Sorting Competition (rules like traditional sorting except hollering/loping in the herd are DQs).  C RSNC sanctioned classes for points for 2018 national show. Open to anyone!

Beginner Class

  • Open to any novice rider on a novice horse (go to
  • $23 per run with pick/draw partner.
  • 50 % payback.
  • Maximum of 5 runs.
  • Champion Dennis Moreland Trophy Spurs
  • Awards to Res. Champion and Runner Up Teams.

Rookie/Intermediate Class 

  • Open to rookie riders on rookie horses.
    • Rookie means some cattle working experience. (For example; a rookie rider on a cutting, cow horse or sorting horse is not legal, but that same rider on a roping horse is legal.)
  • Other rules same as beginner.
  • $23 per run with pick/draw partner.
  • 50 % payback.
  • Maximum of 5 runs.
  • Champion Dennis Moreland Trophy Spurs
  • Awards to Res. Champion and Runner Up Teams.

Top 4-H/Youth Team awards


School Clinicians:

Ryan Bodyfield, Ericson, NE

Kathy and Kelly Anderson, Firth, NE

Doug Householder, College Station, TX


Schools for both adults and youth- all are welcome! No Experience for horse or rider needed!

 ~All sessions take place in Thompson Arena, Fonner Park, Grand Island, NE

 ~Pre-registration is $60. Space limited to 60 riders- first come, first served.

Pre-registration closes June 22, $75/per person at the door

Can’t bring our horse? Come and audit the school!


Separate entry fees for Sorting Competition and entries are made at the day of.

Stalls available for use, $20/night.

Camper hookups available for $30/night

Please bring Health Papers, also Coggins require for out-of-state horses


For more information contact Doug Householder, 979-777-2070 or Kathy Anderson, 402-472-6414

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