Max WaldoMax Waldo

Family: Wife: Patricia
Children: Leslie, Lee, Linda
Grandchildren: Jared, Amber, Laura, Cara, Jessica, Megan & Thomas

Max L. Waldo was born on June 6, 1936 at home in Franklin, Nebraska. He graduated from DeWitt High School and then attended the University of Nebraska. He received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1960.

Waldo Farms, which is a family oriented business, began in 1895 when they purchased their first Duroc sow. She farrowed 51 pigs and raised 36 in her first three litters. The Waldo family has been in the red pig business ever since.

Max joined the operation in 1960 after he graduated from UNL and became a full partner. Their SPF herd and intensive performance testing program was started at that time. In spite of extreme fluctuations in profit and losses, expansion has been ongoing in order to maintain a competitive edge in providing breeding stock for the ever-increasing size of operations within the swine industry.

Since 1970, Waldos have had the world's oldest and largest registered Duroc herd. Other breeds have been added in recent years in order to better serve the needs of the commercial producer. Their total recordings of the four pure breeds they produce make them the largest performance tested purebred swine recorder in the US. Sales of breeding stock have been made in 49 states and over 25 foreign countries. Max spent time in several of these foreign countries discussing swine production. Some of the countries that he has spent considerable time consulting in are Canada, Mexico, Korea, Phillippines, Taiwan, Denmark, and China.

Max has been active in the livestock industry for over 30 years and has played a vital role in the pork industry. He became a leader in the field of performance testing as he has been involved in it since 1937.

Waldos breeding stock have won numerous state and national awards. Past honors for the Waldo family, specifically Max, include the Pork All-American, National Hog Farmer Service Awards, and several seed Stock Producer of the Year awards.

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