Lloyd BevansLloyd Bevans

Lloyd was born April 7, 1924 and grew-up on a small farm in the Waverly, Nebraska area. He now lives in Waverly with his wife Shirley. They raised four daughters; Diane, Joan, Janece and Sharon and two sons; Brian and Bill. He became involved in turkey production through an FFA project in high school, which earned him FFA State and American Farmer Degrees. With his brother Richard he continued raising turkeys through his college years. He was one of the pioneers in commercial turkey production in the United States. With Lloyd's direction, Bevans Turkey Farm expanded, and now markets a premium turkey under its own Cornhusker Crown label. During much of this time, he also operated a feed mill and grain business, produced sheep and on occasion hogs and cattle.

While practicing law he continued to expand his turkey operation and became heavily involved in agricultural associations and programs to improve Nebraska agriculture. His long service (28 years as director) with the local (Lincoln area) Production Credit Association (PCA) is a good example of his involvement in public financing of Nebraska's animal and grain industries. This close financial tie with agriculture has given Lloyd many opportunities for leadership in the farming community. His primary interests have, however, remained with animal production.

He has been active in the National Turkey Federation since beginning turkey production 45 years ago. He served on the NTF Board of Directors for eight or ten years of that time. He has often used personal time and money to assist with programs that would help the total industry.

Lloyd has been a strong leader in the Nebraska Poultry industry. He was instrumental in the reorganization of Nebraska's poultry association. This effort led to establishment of the Nebraska Poultry Industries, an umbrella organization that tied together the Nebraska Turkey Federation, Nebraska Egg Council, Nebraska Poultry Improvement Association and the Allied Poultry Industries Association into one strong active group working for all poultry enterprises in Nebraska.

His leadership was a driving force in the referendum that led to the Poultry and Egg Development Committee. This is the check-off program the industry uses to raise funds for the promotion of Nebraska eggs and turkeys. Lloyd has served on this committee since its inception in 1974.

Lloyd is an active member of the Nebraska Turkey Growers Cooperative Association and presently serves on their Board of Directors. He was one of the leaders involved in the reorganization of Nebraska's Turkey Industry about nine years ago. As a result Nebraska turkey producers have doubled their annual production to almost one million birds and regained a strong competitive position in the national market. He has won numerous awards including Nebraska Poultryman of the Year in both 1974 and 1978.

Lloyd is a strong supporter of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. He has served on several industry advisory committees to IANR administration and is always ready to help individual Departments and faculty members. He currently serves on the Southeast Community College Board.

Lloyd and his family now produce approximately 200,000 turkeys and several hundred sheep each year. His contributions to Nebraska's animal industries have been many. They have been constant, continuous and will not stop.