Marvel L. Baker Department HeadPhoto Larry Berger
Professor, Ruminant Nutrition

C203g Animal Science Building
Phone: (402) 472-3571
Fax: (402) 472-6362


  • Kansas State University Graduate Research Assistant June 1973 - June 1975
  • University of Nebraska Graduate Research Assistant August 1975 - August 1978
  • University of Illinois Assistant Professor May 1978 - August 1982
  • University of Illinois Associate Professor August 1982 - August 1997
  • University of Illinois Full Professor August 1987 - August 2009
  • University of Nebraska Lincoln Professor Ruminant Nutrition August 2009 - Present


  • Cloud Co. Community College Agriculture A.S. 1971
  • Kansas State University Animal Science B.S. 1973
  • Kansas State University Animal Science M.S. 1975
  • University of Nebraska Ruminant Nutrition Ph.D. 1978


  • Cereal grain silage for beef cattle – M.S. thesis
  • Effect of harvest date and sodium hydroxide treatment on the utilization of corn plant residues by ruminants – Ph.D.


  • Gamma Sigma Delta
  • American Society of Animal Science
  • American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists


  • An. Sci. 221 Principles of Nutrition
  • An. Sci 283 Principles of Beef and Swine Management
  • An. Sci. 325 Principles of Nutrition (College of Veterinary Medicine)
  • An. Sci 402 The Microbiology and Physiology of Ruminant Nutrition


  • Served as advisor to 1 Postdoctoral Research Associate, 18 Ph.D. students, 17 M.S. students
  • Currently, advisor to 2 Ph.D. and 2 M.S. students
  • Author or co-author of over 330 peer-reviewed journal articles, proceedings, bulletins, abstracts and book chapters


  • My research emphasis is to use protein, energy, and animal management techniques to improve the production efficiency of feedlot cattle. Optimizing the use of byproduct feeds for finishing cattle has been a point of emphasis. Genetic, nutritional and management factors affect feed efficiency are also being evaluated.


  • 1989 Young Faculty Award for Excellence in Research – College of Agriculture
  • 1989 Outstanding Young Researcher Award – Midwest Section, ASAS
  • 1989 H. H. Mitchell Award for Excellence in Research – Department of Animal Science
  • 1991 Paul A. Funk Recognition Award – College of Agriculture, UIUC
  • 1992 National AFIA Ruminant Nutrition Award – ASAS
  • 1992-96 NRC Subcommittee on Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle
  • 2000 C-FAR Achievement Award Team Research and Outreach-Beef Quality
  • 2002 College of ACES Beef Quality team Award
  • 2005 D. E. Becker Award for Excellence in Teaching – Department of Animal Sciences
  • 2007 Incomplete list of teachers rated excellent


  • Rincker, C.B., N.A. Pyatt, L.L. Berger, D.B. Faulkner and P.M. Walker. 2006. Predicting carcass composition in early-weaned Simmental steers using a combination of real-time ultrasound, live evaluation, carcass expected progeny differences and GeneSTAR marbling marker. Professional Animal Scientist 22:144-152.
  • Pyatt, N.A., L.L. Berger, D.B. Faulkner, P.M. Walker and S.L. Rodriguez-Zas. 2005. Factors affecting carcass value and profitability in early-weaned Simmental steers: I. Five-year average pricing. J. Anim. Sci. 83:2918-2925.
  • Pyatt, N.A., L.L. Berger, D.B. Faulkner, P.M. Walker and S.L. Rodriguez-Zas. Factors affecting carcass value and profitability in early-weaned Simmental steers. II. Days on feed endpoints and sorting strategies. J. Anim. Sci. 83:2926-2937.
  • Pyatt, N.A., L.L. Berger, D.B. Faulkner, P.M. Walker and S.L. Rodriguez-Zas. 2005. Factors affecting carcass value and profitability in early weaned Simmental steers: dressed beef price, choice-select spread, and feed cost. Professional Animal Scientist 21:380-389.
  • Rentfrow, G., M.S. Brewer, T.R. Carr, L.L. Berger, and F.K. McKeith. 2004. The effects of feeding elevated levels of vitamin D and E on beef quality. J. of Muscle Foods 15:205-223.
  • Erickson, G.E., N.D. Robbins, J.J. Simon, L.L. Berger, T.J. Klopfenstein, E.P. Stanisiewski, and G.F. Hartnell. 2003. Effects of feeding glyphosate-tolerant (Roundup-Ready events GA21 and nk603) corn compared with reference hybrids on feedlot steer performance and carcass characteristics. J. Anim. Sci. 81:2600-2608.
  • Wertz, A.E., L.L. Berger, P.M. Walker, D.B. Faulkner, F.K. McKeith, and S. Rodriguez-Zas. 2002. Early-weaning and post-weaning nutritional management affects feedlot performance of Angus x Simmental heifers and the relationship of 12th rib fat and marbling score to feed efficiency. J. Anim. Sci. 80:28-37.

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