Jay WolfJay Wolf

Family: Wife: Susie Children: Mitchell, Alex & Hilary

Jay Wolf, Albion, owner and manager of the Wagonhammer Cattle Company, was honored as a new member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Block and Bridle Hall of Fame April 25, 2008.

Jay and his family own and manage the Wagonhammer Cattle Company, a diversified cattle operation with farming, feeding and ranching enterprises near Albion and Bartlett. The Wagonhammer operation was founded in 1910 with a single dairy calf by Jay's grandfather and great uncle, Julius and Max Wolf, who emigrated from Germany. Julius and Max saw the grazing potential of the Sandhills after the drought of the '30's, when many people abandoned the area. They converted to a cow-calf operation, and registered Angus were added in 1960.

Jay received a B.S. in Agriculture from UNL in 1980. Following graduation, he moved to Denver to work as a loan officer for the oil and gas industry. He returned home in 1984 when his father retired. Jay brought managerial, accounting and finance skills to the operation but he credits a large part of the operation's success to the long-time company employees.

Jay first became involved with the Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) in 1988 when he attended the convention that formed NC. In addition to serving at the committee level, Jay was also the president of NC in 2007 and has served as president of the Nebraska Corn-Fed program. Jay was one of the fund-raisers for the NC Excellence Fund and made personal as well as Wolf family corporation gifts to the fund. He has been supportive of educational opportunities for young people at UNL and at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis. The Wolf family has been instrumental in the development of the Wagonhammer Education Center and the new UNL teaching laboratory building at the Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory.

Jay is the third of four children born to Jim and Elaine Wolf. James Wolf received Honoree of the year in 1995. Jay's mother Elaine also lives in Albion.

"I have tried to follow my parents' examples of service and philanthropy. We all have benefited from what others have done before us and we have done our share of giving back."
-Jay Wolf-

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