Harry Knobbe

Harry Knobbe

Family: Wife: Doris
Children: Jeff, Lori, Chris, Tammi and Scott

In 1939 Harry Knobbe's father purchased their original homestead for $80 per acre. Harry's parents raised him with good family values that emphasized community service. In 1959 he graduated from West Point Central Catholic and began farming in 1960.

On October 13, 1962, Harry married his wife, Doris, who was also a 1959 graduate of West Point Central Catholic. Together they would raise their five children while building and maintaining a successful operation.

Harry is recognized for his enthusiasm toward the state and national beef industry. He is a member of the Cumming County Feeders Association and has served as the chairman. He is currently the NCBA dues division chairman and is a past member of the LEAD board. Harry was also appointed by Governor Johanns to the Beginning Farmer Board.

In his community, his business is a member of the West Point Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Development Corporation. Harry's contributions to his church, area retirement home and school have been extensive in the last thirty years. He has also been instrumental in the Cumming County Ag Awareness Group. Among this group's many activities is the desire to help those in need. This was demonstrated recently by the aid given to Sandhills ranchers after last year's fire along with flood victims in South Dakota.

Harry is recognized for his innovative solutions to everyday challenges and believes strongly in his responsibility to be a steward first. He believes that being a good steward is both economically feasible and fosters a positive public opinion of the cattle feeding industry. This is demonstrated by simple techniques such as burning waste oil to heat the machine shop and shredding office paper for bedding in his indoor facilities. His operation generates significant income from the sale of manure. Fertilization of the land is handled with great care as soil tests are conducted to determine nutrient need. In 1994 Harry was awarded the Nebraska Cattlemen Stewardship Award as well as the region seven award.

Harry's continued success has come as a result of being able to evolve and develop a vision for future needs and challenges. Early in his career he took the initiative to attend farming programs on East Campus to further his education. His vision was furthered, as he became a user of the mercantile exchange earlier than most Nebraska producers. Most recently, he continues to actively support the education of consumers through a self-developed program in cooperation with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The beef team now brings education to consumers in a supermarket setting about beef product selection and preparation.

Harry's role as a spokesperson has garnered national and international attention. He feels that he is not only representative of himself but feels that we are all responsible to the industry. He says, you must be a part of something bigger than yourself in order to be successful.

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