Rick Funston

Beef Cattle Reproductive Physiologist
Nebraska Beef Cow-Calf Professor of Animal Science

Ph.D., Reproductive Biology, University of Wyoming, 1993
M.S., Animal Science, Montana State University, 1987
B.S., Animal Science, North Dakota State University, 1985


  • Heifer development
  • Re-breeding of the first-calf heifer


Refereed Journal Articles

  • Funston, R.N. , D.C. Adams, and M.C. Stockton. 2007. Dried distillers grains as creep feed for yearling beef cattle grazing sandhill range. Prof. Anim. Sci. 23:170.
  • Martin, J.L., K.A. Vonnahme, D.C. Adams, G.P. Lardy, and R.N. Funston. 2007. Effects of dam nutrition on growth and reproductive performance of heifer calves. J. Anim. Sci. 85:841.
  • Martin, J.L., A.S Cupp, R.J. Rasby, Z.C. Hall, and R.N. Funston. 2007. Utilization of dried distillers grains for developing beef heifers. J. Anim. Sci. 85:2298.
  • Harris, H.L., A.S. Cupp, A.J. Roberts, and R.N. Funston. 2008. Utilization of soybeans or corn milling co-products in beef heifer development diets. J. Anim. Sci. 86:476–482
  • Martin, J.L., K. W. Creighton, J.A. Musgrave, T.J. Klopfenstein, R.T. Clark, D. C. Adams, and R. N. Funston. 2008. Effect of pre-breeding body weight or progestin exposure before breeding on beef heifer performance through the second breeding season. J. Anim. Sci. 86:451–459

Manuscripts & Proceedings

  • Isle, B.R., J.D. Kirsch, S. Paasch, K.G. Odde, R.N. Funston, G.P. Lardy, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2007. Growth and attainment of puberty in heifers from cows supplemented with linseed meal during early lactation. Proc. West. Sec. Am. Soc. Anim. Sci. 58:.
  • Funston, R.N. 2007. Fetal programming. Proc.Tri-state cow/calf symposium. Benkelman, NE.
  • Funston, R.N. 2007. Nutrition and reproduction interactions. Proc. Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle. Billings, MT. Pp. 163-179.


  • Martin, J.L., R.N. Funston, D.T. Clopton, H.L Harris, and A.S. Cupp. 2006. Vascular endothelial Growth factor (VEGF) 120 but not VEGF164 expression is increased in granulose cells of bovine dominant follicles due to nutrition. Biol. Reprod. (Suppl. 1):148.
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  • Isle, B.R., J.D. Kirsch, S. Paasch, K.G. Odde, R.N. Funston, G.P. Lardy, and K.A. Vonnahme. 2007. Growth and attainment of puberty in heifers from cows supplemented with linseed meal during early lactation. J. Anim. Sci. 85 (Suppl. 2):169.
  • Griffin , W.A., D.C. Adams, and R.N. Funston. 2007. The effect of delaying initial implant on finishing performance and carcass characteristics. J. Anim. Sci. 85 (Suppl. 1):170.
  • Funston, R.N. 2007. Dietary lipids and reproduction in beef cattle. J. Anim. Sci. 85 (Suppl. 1):401 (invited).
  • Martin, J.L., K.W. Creighton, J.A. Musgrave, D.C. Adams, and R.N. Funston. 2007. Effects of pre-breeding target weight and progestin on reproduction, calving parameters, and re-breeding in beef heifers. J. Anim. Sci. 85 (Suppl. 1):609.
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Areas of Expertise
Beef Cattle

Professional Highlights

Honors and Recognition
Rodeo Scholarship, North Dakota State University
Alpha Zeta Honorary Fraternity, North Dakota State University
Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society, University of Wyoming
American Society of Animal Science Scholarship Award
Director's Award for Excellence for leadership in the MT Beef Network
2002-Present - Reproductive Physiologist, West Central Research and Extension Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1998-2002 - Extension Beef Specialist, Montana State University
1995-1998 - Assistant Professor, Animal Science, Chadron State College
1993-1995 - Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physiology, Colorado State University
1990-1993 - Graduate Research Assistant, Animal Science, University of Wyoming
1989-1990 - Nutritionist/Sales Manager, Woody's Feed and Grain, Dickinson, ND
1988-1989 - Sales Representative, Moorman's Feed Company, Bismarck, ND
1987-1988 - Extension Agent, Montana State University, Scobey, MT
1985-1987 - Graduate Research Assistant, Animal/Range Sciences, Montana State University
Rodeo Team Coach, Chadron State College
Co-advisor of Agriculture Club, Chadron State College
Co-advisor of Pre-Vet Club, Chadron State College
American Science of Animal Science
Western Beef Resource Committee Member
Montana Representative for ADDS National Beef Infobase
WRCC-110 Nutrition Committee
Western Section of the American Society of Animal Science Extension Committee
Western Section Extension Committee (chair and symposium coordinator; 2001)
Beef Questions and Answers Newsletter Co-editor
State Beef Quality Assurance Advisory Board
MT State 4-H Livestock Committee
MT State 4-H Livestock Sale Committee
Fort Keogh Information Technology Committee
Gate to Plate Organization and Planning Committee
Cow Capital Beef Conference Planning Committee
Fort Keogh Field Day Planning Committee and MC for Presentations
Bovine Connection Planning Committee
January Thaw Planning Committee
Multi-state - Fort Keogh, Bi-annual Agent/Specialist Symposium, Organizer
State Beefability Coordinator
Member of GSL planning committee
Faculty coordinator for beef cattle research and facilities at WCREC
Member of the North Central Region Bovine Reproductive Task Force
Editorial board for Journal of Animal Science
NCBA Beef Production Research Committee