Lisa Karr

Lisa Karr

Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator
Companion Animal Specialist
CASNR Associate Dean of Curriculum Innovation and Student Success

Ph.D., Animal Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2004
M.S., Animal Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2001
B.S., Agriculture (Minor in Chemistry), Illinois State University, 1998
A.S., Agriculture Science, Heartland Community College (Ill.), 1997

Dr. Lisa Karr has been a professor within the Department of Animal Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since 2006. She serves as the undergraduate teaching coordinator for the department and also serves as Companion Animal Specialist with Nebraska Extension. She provides oversight of undergraduate teaching, advising and recruitment in Animal Science and also teaches undergraduate courses in the companion animal area and serves as the primary advisor for the Companion Animal Science Option.

In the fall of 2022, Dr. Karr was appointed an Associate Dean of Curriculum Innovation and Student Success for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR). In this role, she oversees initiatives to improve student retention, graduation rates, and degrees conferred in the college.

Dr. Karr's extension and outreach program focuses on youth education related to companion animals, focusing on using companion animals as a model to improve science literacy in youth and to promote the human-animal bond. The three key goals of her programs are to increase enrollment in the 4-H companion animal program, improve knowledge of youth related to care and management of companion animals, and improve career awareness and college readiness of youth in companion animal projects.

Classes Taught

ASCI 095: Animal Science Orientation Seminar
Semester: Fall
Summary: Weekly topics will include discussions with Animal Science faculty, academic success resources, intrapersonal and leadership development and academic and co-curricular planning.

ASCI 171: Human - Companion Animal Interactions
Semester: Fall
Summary: Discussion of the roles companion animals play in our society and the bond between companion animals and humans.

ASCI 202: Exploring Companion Animal Nonprofits and Businesses
Semester: Spring Minisession
Summary: Explore career options in the companion animal industry with nonprofits or other companion animal businesses.

ASCI 321: Companion Animal Nutrition
Semester: Spring
Summary: Digestive anatomy and physiology of companion animals including dogs, cats, small mammals, and exotic species. Emphasis will be placed on unique nutrient requirements of companion animals, pet food formulation, and labeling regulations.

Areas of Expertise
Companion Animal

Professional Highlights

Honors and Recognition
2022 - University of Nebraska-Lincoln Distinguished Teaching Award
2020 - CASNR Honors Program Fellow
2017 - American Society of Animal Science Corbin Companion Animal Biology Award
2016 - Holling Family Award for Teaching Excellence by Senior Faculty
2015 - NACTA Teaching Award of Merit
2015 - CASNR WEEK Outstanding Teaching Award
2013 - CASNR WEEK Outstanding Academic Advising Award
2012 - Gamma Sigma Delta Teaching Award
2010 - Holling Family Award for Teaching Excellence by Junior Faculty
2013-Present - Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2009-2013 - Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2008 - Assistant Professor of Practice, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2006-Present - Lecturer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2004-2006 - Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
1999-2004-Graduate Research Assistant, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture
Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture
National Society for Academic Advising
National Society for Experiential Education
Association of North American Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture