Kathleen P. Anderson

Kathleen P. Anderson

Horse Extension Specialist

Ph.D., Animal Science, Kansas State University, 1991
M.S., Physiology of Reproduction, Texas A&M University, 1987
B.S., Animal Science/Agricultural Education, University of Nebraska, 1981

Dr. Kathleen Anderson joined the Department of Animal Science in 1991 and currently serves as a full professor and extension horse specialist. After earning her B.S., from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Animal Science and Agricultural Education, she went on to earn her M.S., from Texas A&M and her Ph.D., from Kansas State University.

An active member in the equine industry, Dr. Anderson serves on the youth committee of the American Quarterhorse Association, has served on various equine committees for the American Society of Animal Science, and served on the board of directors for the American Youth Horse Council from 2003-2007, before serving as its president in 2008-09. She has also been an active committee member in the Equine Science Society, serving on the abstract review, awards, and graduate student production and management competition committees.

In her extension role, she oversees adult extension horse programming in Nebraska and is also active in national extension horse activities. Dr. Anderson served as the national chair for eXtension’s HorseQuest from 2009-2012 and has been its Chief Financial Officer since 2015. She also served as the Western Division Chairman of the National 4-H Horse Classic from 2001-03.

Anderson coaches the Nebraska horse judging team and is also a member of the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association, serving on its board of directors from 1996-98.

Extension Programs

  • eXtension - Horse Quest
  • Equine Science work group/ Equine producer education
  • Nebraska Horse Welfare Coalition
  • Horse Judges Training
  • Feedyard Horse Safety and Care


  • ASCI 450: Horse Management
    Semester: Fall
    Summary: Several areas of horse production and management are covered in this course including conformation, health care, reproduction, nutrition, facilities, etc. This is primarliy a lecture course; however, several "hands-on" laboratories have been added, including semen collection and evaluation, body condition scoring, use of weight tapes, and vulva conformation evaluation, excercise physiology, evaluating a nutritional program, health care practices, hoof care, and lameness evaluation.
  • ASCI 322: Equine Nutrition
    Semester: Spring
    Summary: This is an in depth study of nutrition of the horse including both basic digestive physiology plus up-to-date information on nutritional management for all classes of horses. The course is taught by both lecture and group projects.
  • ASCI 342: Equine Reproduction
    Semester: Spring, Summer
    Summary: This course provides students with a focused study of reproduction, specific to the horse. Estrous detection systems, artificial and natural breeding techniques, infertility, semen collection and processing, reproductive management and record keeping are covered.
  • ASCI 311A: Horse Industry Study Tour
    Semester: Spring
    Summary: Study tour of the equine industry to provide an understanding of the industry's operations and current trends. A combination of breeding, training, associations, veterinary facilities, etc. will be toured.
  • ASCI 300E: Principles of Horse Evaluation and Judging: The basics of evaluating horses for conformation and performance are introduced. Every effort is made to incorporate live classes; however, videotapes are used extensively to allow students to evaluate a wide range of events. The most current industry trends and issues are presented.
  • ASCI 400E: Advanced Horse Evaluation and Judging: This course makes up the Nebraska Horse Judging team that competes at two national intercollegiate contests each fall.
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Areas of Expertise

Professional Highlights

Honors and Recognition
2016, 1995, 1992– Recognition for Contributions to Students Award - Parents Association and UNL Teaching Council
2014 – National American Society of Animal Science Equine Award
2014 - Nominated for CASNR Week Outstanding Teaching Award
2013 - National University Technology Network (NUTN) Shirley Davis Award for Excellence in Blended Learning for the Equine Business Network, eXtension HorseQuest and My Horse University
2012 – Fonner Park State 4-H Horse Show recognition for 20+ years of service
2011 - Equine Science Society Outstanding Educator Award
2011 - IANR Holling Family Senior Teaching Excellence Award
2011 - Joint Council of Extension Professionals 2011 Excellence in Teamwork Award
2010 - eXtension HorseQuest Leadership Team - USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Partnership Award (HorseQuest Chair)
2009 - HorseQuest Community of Practice - 1st National eXtension Outstanding CoP Award (HorseQuest Chair)
2009 - HorseQuest Community of Practice and My Horse University. National University Telecommunications Network, Shirley Davis Award of Excellence in Synchronous Distance Learning (HorseQuest Chair)
2008 - Nebraska Horse Council Equine Honoree
2008 - Horse Quest Community of Practice eXtension website - Communication Award – National Association of County Agricultural Agents (Vice-Chair)
2008 - Nebraska Horse Council: Horsemen of the year
2008 - President of American Youth Horse Council
1996 - Nominated for ASUN Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award
1995 - Outstanding New Extension Employee Award
July 2016-present - Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1991-July 2016 - Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jan 1987-May 1987 - Assistant Instructor, Kansas State University
Jan 1986-December 1986 - Graduate Assistant, Texas A&M University
American Registry of Professional Animal Scientist-Horse Specialization
American Society of Animal Science
American Youth Horse Council
Equine Science Society
Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society
National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association
Nebraska Cooperative Extension Association
American Quarter Horse Association
Nation Snaffle Bit Association
American Paint Horse Association