Jessica L. Petersen

Jessica L. Petersen

Associate Professor
Animal Functional Genomics

Ph.D., Genetics, University of California Davis, 2009
M.S., Biology, Western Illinois University, 2003
B.S., Biology, Nebraska Wesleyan University, 2000

Peer-Reviewed Publications (ǂ-mentored student/post-doc, ɫ -lab manager)

  • Gurgul A, Szmatoła T, Ocłoń E, Jasielczuk I, Semik-Gurgul E, Finno CJ, Petersen JL, Bellone RR, Hales EN, Ząbek T, Arent Z, Kotula-Balak M, Bugno-Poniewierska M. Another lesson from unmapped reads – in depth analysis of RNA-Seq reads from various horse tissues. Journal of Applied Genetics. In Press. doi:10.1007/213353-022-00705-z.
  • Sieck RLǂ, Treffer LKǂ, Fuller AM ɫ, PointeViana M, Khalimonchuk O, Schmidt TB, Yates DT, Petersen JL. Beta-adrenergic agonists alter oxidative phosphorylation in primary myoblasts. Journal of Animal Science. In Press.
  • Wilson CS, Petersen JL, Blackburn HD, Lewis RM. Assessing population structure and genetic diversity in the US Suffolk sheep to define a framework for genomic selection. Journal of Heredity. In Press. doi:10.1093/jhered/esac026.
  • Posont RJ, Most MS, Cadaret CN, Marks-Nelson E, Beede KA, Limesand SW, Schmidt TB, Petersen JL, Yates DT. Primary myoblasts from intrauterine growth-restricted fetal sheep exhibit intrinsic dysfunction of proliferation and differentiation that coincides with enrichment of inflammatory cytokine signaling pathways. Journal of Animal Science. In Press.
  • Valberg SJ, Henry ML, Herrick KL, Velez-Irizarry, Finno CJ, Petersen JL. Absence of myofibrillar myopathy in Quarter Horses with a histopathologic diagnosis of type 2 polysaccharide storage myopathy and lack of association with commercial genetic tests. Equine Veterinary Journal. In Press. doi:10.1111/evj.13574.
  • Wang Z, Chivu AG, Choate LA, Rice EJ, Miller DC, Chu T, Chou S-P, Kingsley NB, Petersen JL, Finno CJ, Bellone RR, Antczak DF, Lis JT, Danko CG. Interdependence between histone marks and steps in Pol II transcription. Nature Genetics. In Press.
  • Reith RRǂ, Sieck RLǂ, Grijalva PC, Swanson R, Fuller AM ɫ, Diaz DE, Schmidt TB, Yates DT, Petersen JL. 2022. Transcriptome analyses indicate that heat stress-induced inflammation in white adipose tissue and oxidative stress in skeletal muscle is partially moderated by zilpaterol supplementation in beef cattle. Journal of Animal Science. Journal of Animal Science. 100(3):skac109.
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  • Posont RJ, Cadaret CN, Beard JK, Swanson RM, Gibbs RM, Marks-Nelson ES, Petersen JL, Yates DT. 2021. Maternofetal inflammation induced for two weeks in late gestation reduced birthweight and impaired neonatal growth and skeletal muscle glucose metabolism in lambs. Journal of Animal Science. 99:skab102. doi:10.1093/jas/skab102
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Areas of Expertise
Breeding & Genetics

Professional Highlights

Associate Professor – University of Nebraska Lincoln, Dept of Animal Science - Animal Functional Genomics (July 2020 – current)
Assistant Professor – University of Nebraska Lincoln, Department of Animal Science (Jan 2014 – June 2020)
Courtesy Assistant Professor – University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Biological Sciences (July 2016-present)
Postdoctoral Researcher – University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, Equine Genetics and Genomics (2009-Dec 2013)
Graduate Student Researcher – Genomic Variation Laboratory, University of California-Davis (2004-2009)