Gary Sullivan

Gary Sullivan

Associate Professor
Meat Science


  • Ph.D. 2011 Iowa State University--Meat Science/Food Science and Technology
  • M.S. 2007 University of Nebraska-Lincoln--Meat Science
  • B.S. 2005 Iowa State University--Animal Science /International Ag


  • Research Excellence Award, Iowa State University, 2011

Overall research focus: Improving the quality, safety, and shelf life of value added and processed meats
Specific research focus:

  • Factors influencing spoilage and microbial populations of processed meat products
  • Impacts of ingredients and processing techniques used in processed meats to meet current market trends
  • Influence of food safety interventions of quality of meat products

Select Recent Publications
Posthuma, J., Rasmussen, F., Sullivan, G. 2018. Effects of nitrite source, reducing agents, and holding time on color development in a cured meat model system. LWT – Food Science and Technology. 95:47-50.

Gupta, J., Bower, C. G., Sullivan, G., Cavender, G. 2018. Effect of Differing Ingredients and Packaging Technologies on the Color of High Pressure Processed Ground Beef. Journal of Food Quality. Volume 2018:Article ID 4590143,

Gupta, J., Bower, C., Cavender, G., Sullivan, G. 2018. Effect of different myoglobin states on color changes in high pressure processed raw ground beef. LWT – Food Science and Technology. 93:32-35.

Bower, C.G., Stanley, R.E., Fernando, S.C., Sullivan, G.A. 2018. The effect of salt reduction on the microbial community structure and quality characteristics of sliced roast beef and turkey breast. LWT- Food Science and Technology. 90:583-591.

Cleveland, B.D., Buntyn, J.O., Redfield, A.L., MacDonald, J.C, Sullivan, G.A. 2017. Effect of feeding distillers grains during different phases of production and addition of postmortem antioxidants on shelf life of ground beef. The Professional Animal Scientist. 33:555-566.

Sun, S., Sullivan, G., Stratton, J. Bower, C., Cavender, G. 2017. Effect of HPP treatment on the safety and quality of beef steak intended for sous vide cooking. LWT – Food Science and Technology. 86:185-192.

Stanley, R.E., Bower, C.G., Sullivan, G.A. 2017. Influence of salt reduction and replacement with potassium chloride based salts on the quality, sensory characteristics, and shelf life of pork sausage. Meat Science. 133:36-42.

Dierks, N.T., Cleveland, B.D., Varnold, K.A., Erickson, G.E., Sullivan, G.A. 2017. Effects of feeding wet distillers grains to cattle during different times of production on cooked beef patties characteristics during storage. The Professional Animal Scientist. 33:54-62.

Redfield, A. L.* and Sullivan, G.A. 2015. Effects of conventional and alternative curing methods on processed turkey quality traits. Poultry Science. 94(12):3005-3014.

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