Brett White

Brett White

Associate Professor
Swine Physiology


  • B.S. University of Nebraska, 1989 - Animal Science
  • M.S. University of Illinois, 1992 - Animal Science
  • Ph.D. University of Illinois, 1997 - Animal Sciences
  • Post-doc Colorado State University - Physiology


  • Associate Professor of Animal Science, University of Nebraska, 2006-Present
  • Assistant Professor of Animal Science, University of Nebraska, 2000-2006
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Colorado State University, 1997-2000
  • Research Assistant, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois, 1989-1997
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Animal Science, University of Nebraska, 1985-1989


  • Promotion and Tenure at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2006
  • Recognition of Junior Faculty for Excellence in Research Award, 2005
  • Junior Faculty Holling Family Award for Teaching Excellence, 2005
  • Graduate College Faculty Member at UNL, 2001
  • Awarded an Individual National Research Service Award from NIH, 1999


  • Ad-hoc reviewer for: Biology of Reproduction, Animal Reproduction Science, Theriogenology, Molecular Reproduction and Development, USDA


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Endocrine Society
  • Society for the Study of Reproduction
  • International Embryo Transfer Society
  • American Society of Animal Science
  • Nebraska Physiological Society
  • Sigma Xi
  • Gamma Sigma Delta
  • Alpha Zeta


  • Transcriptional regulation of the porcine GnRH receptor gene
  • Functionality of the porcine Type II GnRH receptor gene
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying determination of ovulation rate in swine
  • GnRH signaling during development of pre-implantation embryos
  • Divergent survival of vitrified embryos from different lines of swine
  • Nuclear transfer with porcine embryonic stem cells
  • Genetically enhanced animal production


  • ASCI 341: Physiology and Management of Reproduction
    Semester: Fall
    Summary: Comparative anatomy and physiology of reproduction in domestic animals. Endocrine regulation of reproductive function, patterns of reproduction, economic consequences of sub-optimal reproductive performance, environmental influences on reproductive efficiency, application of selected techniques for controlling reproduction. Laboratory provides application of techniques used in reproductive management.
  • ASCI 441/841: Independent Study - New Techniques in Reproductive Biology
    Semester: Spring
    Summary: Hands-on skill development in emerging technologies, both molecular and applied, that are important to investigation and manipulation of reproductive function.
  • ASCI 905: Animal Biological Systems Seminar
    Semester: Fall
    Summary: Current problems in the field of animal industry.



  • Cherrington, B.D., T.A. Farmerie, R.A. Cederberg, C.M. Clay, and B.R. White. 2008. Emergence of a new regulatory element in the proximal promoter of the gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor in Chinese Meishan swine. Biol. Reprod. (Provisionally Accepted).
  • Crisp, S.E.R.H., J.B. Griffin, B.R. White, C.F. Toombs, G. Camporeale, H.M. Said, and J. Zempleni. 2004. Biotin supply affects rates of cell proliferation, biotinylation of carboxylases and histones, and expression of the gene encoding the sodium-dependent multivitamin transporter in JAr choriocarcinoma cells. Eur. J. Nutr, 43:23-31.
  • Daberkow, R.L., B.R. White, R.A. Cederberg, J.B. Griffin and J. Zempleni. 2003. Monocarboxylate transporter 1 mediates biotin uptake in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. J. Nutrition 133:2703-2706.
  • Ellsworth, B.S.*, B.R. White*, A.T. Burns, B.D. Cherrington, A.M. Otis, and C.M. Clay. 2003. c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) activation of activator protein-1 underlies homologous regulation of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor gene in alphaT3-1 cells. Endocrinology 144:839-849. *Both authors contributed equally to this work.
  • White, B.R., R.W. Gerfen, E.M. Walters, and M.B. Wheeler. 2000. Comparisons of culture of Chinese Meishan with Yorkshire pig embryos in vitro: Effects of protein supplementation, development. J. Appl. Anim. Res. 17:169-184.
  • White, B.R., D.L. Duval, J.M. Mulvaney, M.S. Roberson, and C.M. Clay. 1999. Homologous regulation of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor gene is partially mediated by protein kinase C activation of an activator protein-1 element. Mol. Endocrinol. 13:566-577.
  • Bleck, G.T., B.R. White, D.J. Miller, and M.B. Wheeler. 1998. Production of bovine alpha-lactalbumin in the milk of transgenic pigs. J. Anim. Sci. 76:3072-3078.

Manuscripts Submitted or In Preparation

  • Cederberg, R.A., E.A. McDonald, C. Lee, R.A. Friedrich, A.R. Cropp, and B.R. White. 2009. Cell-specific expression of the porcine GnRH receptor gene in alphaT3-1 cells is partially conferred by two steroidogenic factor-1 (SF-1) binding sites and an upstream enhancer at –1900/-1400 of proximal promoter. Endocrinology (Submitted).
  • McDonald, E.A., R.A. Cederberg, and B.R. White. 2009. Divergent activity of the porcine GnRH receptor gene promoter in alphaT3-1 cells is partially conferred by nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kB), specificity protein 1 (Sp1)-like, and GATA4 elements. Endocrinology (Submitted).
  • Montagner, M.M, A.R. Cropp, J.J. Swanson, R.A. Cederberg, Paulo B.D. Goncalves, and B.R. White. 2009. Role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone on mouse preimplantation embryonic development. Mol. Reprod. Dev. (Submitted).
  • Montagner, M.M, Paulo B.D. Goncalves, G.A. Mills, R.K. Christenson, and B.R. White. 2009. Divergent survival of Meishan and white crossbred porcine embryos following vitrification using a microdroplet method. Biol. Reprod. (Submitted).
  • Bass, B.E., R.A. Cederberg, G.A. Mills, C.M. Clay, and B.R. White. 2009. Responsiveness of GnRH receptor and gonadotropin subunit genes to GnRH in lines of swine divergent for ovulation rate. Biol. Reprod. (Submitted).
  • Bass, B.E., R.A. Cederberg, G.A. Mills, C.M. Clay, and B.R. White. 2009. Microarray analysis of GnRH responsive gene expression in anterior pituitary tissue of swine lines divergent for ovulation rate. Biol. Reprod. (In preparation).

Technical Reports

  • Slepicka, B.J., J.L. Martin, R.A. Ten Broeck, M.M. Baltes, D.T. Clopton, Z.C. Hall, N.C. Hart, S.G. Kruse, R.A. Longfellow, J.R. Wiarda, K.V. Moline, J.W. Bergman, R.A. Cushman, B.R. White, and A.S. Cupp. 2007. Progestin Concentrations Alter Follicle Characteristics and May Affect Quality of Oocytes (Eggs). 2007 Nebraska Beef Report, p. 7. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Bass, B.E., R.A. Cederberg, G.A. Mills, and B.R. White. 2006. Regulation of pituitary gene expression in lines of swine with different ovulation rates. Nebraska Swine Report. pp. 26-29. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Montagner, M.M., P.B.D. Goncalves, G.A. Mills, R.K. Christenson and B.R. White. 2006. Freezing swine embryos: Do success rates differ between breeds? Nebraska Swine Report. pp. 21-25. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Bass, B.E., G.A. Mills, and B.R. White. 2004. Role of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor in determining ovulation rate between lines of swine. Nebraska Swine Report. pp. 32-34. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


  • Wheeler, M.B., and B.R. White. 5/13/08. "Nuclear Transfer with Porcine Embryonic Stem Cells." U.S. Patent No. 7,371,922.
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