Faculty Spotlight: Paul Kononoff

Faculty Spotlight: Paul Kononoff Thursday, April 28, 2022

Photo of Paul Kononoff
Photo of Paul Kononoff
About Me

I grew up in Canada and studied at the University of Saskatchewan and then in 1998 attended Penn State University and eventually earned a PhD in animal science with an emphasis on animal nutrition. Upon completion of my PhD I worked in the dairy industry by serving as a technical support specialist, then as a project director at the University of New Hampshire. In 2005 my wife Mandy and I moved to Nebraska and have raised two children; Grace who is 16 and Leela who is 13. About 8 years ago with help of Tami Brown Brandl and Harvey Freetly (USDA MARC), I started to study energetics by using indirect calorimetry and I explore manipulations of diet and the effects on whole-animal energy utilization. Although I love all of the dairy breeds, I have special enthusiasm for, and place particular focus on, lactating Jersey cattle. I also serve as Editor in Chief for the Journal of Dairy Science. I love working with grad students, it is such an honor to be a part of an important phase of their life.

What is your position in the department?
Extension Dairy Specialist, Professor of Dairy Nutrition
How long have you worked in the department?
17 years.
What do you enjoying outside of work?
When not traveling for work, I usually don't stray too far from home. Like all good Canadian's I have learned to love the outdoors doing just about anything.... regardless of the temperature! I like to spend time with my family; believe it or not, my youngest daughter got me into golf a few years ago. I also train dogs.
What is something most people don't know about you?
I will provide two items. The first is that I love to try new dairy products and to collect the labels. The second is that I love coffee, especially café au lait. I make sure I wake up early enough to have two cups each morning before I do anything else!”

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