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Cows in Stantions
The Animal Science Department works hard to be on the cutting edge of ever-changing technology and techniques. The Animal Biology option prepares students for a variety of careers in the animal and health industries. Associate Professor Dr. Brett White emphasizes biological sciences in his courses that prepare students for further education in graduate and professional programs. Research techniques, are given real-world application in upper-level coursework such as "Advanced Technologies in Reproduction" and undergraduate research and part-time employment with the Reproductive Physiology Team contribute to a challenging learning experience.

Courses taught by Dr. Brett White

Reproductive teaching with cattleCall Number: 1672
Course Number: ASCI 341
Course Title: Physiology and Management of Reproduction
Semester: Fall
Summary: Comparative anatomy and physiology of reproduction in domestic animals. Endocrine regulation of reproductive function, patterns of reproduction, economic consequences of sub-optimal reproductive performance, environmental influences on reproductive efficiency, application of selected techniques for controlling reproduction. The laboratory provides application of techniques used in reproductive management including a Swine Embryo Recovery surgery (PDF 1.51 mb) in our animal science Surgery facility.

Vogler Semen Centre' is an excellent field trip each semester and we are fortunate to have them close to UNL near Ashland, NE. Students pose for a quick picture following Vogler field trip.

Vogler Semen Centre PhotoVogler Semen Centre'

On a recent field trip, students in Dr. Brett White's ASCI 341 class pose for a picture at Vogler Semen Centre' near Ashland, NE.

The Vogler Semen Center has been a leader in collection, processing, analysis, freezing and storage of semen since 1982. They collect and process both bull and stallion semen in their family owned business. The state-of-the-art equipment and techniques shared by Lloyd and Rosalyn and their sons Les and Loren is valuable information to Brett White's Management of Reproduction classes.

Excellent facilities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln allow students to learn about animals in a state-of-the-art temperature controlled barn- like setting. Besides teaching and research laboratories this awesome facility also hosts numerous 4-H and FFA competitions and Cooperative Education seminars.

Call Number: 1752Students in Brett Whites Lab
Course Number: ASCI 441/841
Course Title: New Techniques in Reproductive Biology
Semester: Spring
Summary: Advanced course on mammalian early embryonic development. Basic aspects of embryology and developmental biology. Modern technologies in animal reproductive biology including in vitro maturation and fertilization, embryo transfer, cloning, assisted reproductive technologies, transgenic animals and embryonic stem cells.

Independant Study- New Techniques in Reproductive Biology Instructor: Dr. Brett White

In the photo at left, a graduate student in Dr. Whites ASCI 441/841 course aspirates follicles in a laboratory session. This class is designed to be hands-on and teaches cutting edge reproductive biology techniques highly desired in reproductive laboratories.

Graduate Students

Brett White's Grad students
The University of Nebraska's midwestern culture and cutting edge research welcomes students from many states and countries developing them for further education or exciting career options!

UCARE Students

UCARE Students in the Lab
Our lab thrives on the unique abilities, experiences and personalities of our graduate and undergraduate student researchers.

The photo at left shows UCARE students Katie Bidne and Cameron Menard working on research projects in the Reproductive Biology Lab while taking classes at UNL.

Undergraduate scholarships through UCARE (Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience) are awarded to students that are currently working toward their Bachelor's degree. These scholarships provide funding for students to work on research projects under the direction of a faculty advisor like Dr. Brett White.

Check out the following website to learn more about UCARE projects and students in our laboratory that are participating in this unique research opportunity!

What is UCARE?

Surgery Facilities at the University of Nebraska
Animal Science Department

provide opportunity for teaching and research excellence. This tremendous facility gives students in Professor Brett White's AnSci 341 "Physiology and Management of Reproduction" class an opportunity to observe an Embryo Recovery surgery on a pig the first day of class! For some, this experience may stimulate a profound interest in Reproductive Biology.

Research in Dr. White's Reproductive Biology Lab includes other swine surgeries such as ovariectomies, uterine and oviductal flushes and swine embryo transfers into the uterus and oviduct.

Surgery facilities at UNL ANSC

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