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Everyday happenings at Dr. Brett White's Lab

All in a days work!   Quality and quantity time spent by White Lab members

collecting invaluable research data

Unique Friends
Unique Friends

Dr. Brett White seems to be enjoying his unique friend! The Meishan breed, known for its wrinkled face and skin aid in comparison with other breeds of swine when studying embryo survival, ovulation rate and genetic differences.

Congratulations Amy!

Congratulations Amy!

Graduate student, Amy Desaulniers completed her Master's degree summer 2013. She is pictured with her professors Jen Wood, Brett White and Andrea Cupp. Amy continues in the Animal Science Department working on her PhD!

Congrats Chanho

Congrats Chanho!

Chanho Lee defended his masters thesis, "Transcriptional Regulation of the Porcine GnRN Receptor Gene by Glucocorticoids."

Chanho (center) is pictured with supporting Animal Science team members.

Congrats John

Congrats John!

John Harms defended his master's thesis,"Effects Of Maternal Nutrition And Post-Weaning Management In A Late Spring Calving System And Synchronization Of Estrus Using Fixed Time AI Protocols"

Celebrating with him are grad students Becky Vraspir, Adam Summers, and Hazy Nielson

Pigglets Feeding
GLLOE Beyond!!!

This was the e-mail everyone in our lab got on July 19th!! Our VERY special sow GLLOE had 15 babies... and visiting hours were OPEN!!

GLLOE is an acronym for:

G-nRH II receptor





Lab Inspiration
Lab Inspiration

Go BIG Red and Inspiring students...a GENUINE quality this University of Nebraska Animal Science Laboratory is PROUD of!!

Oreo Cookies

Oreo Cookies

Amy defended her master's thesis, "The Role of GNRH-II and its Receptor in Testicular Function of Boars", her favorite four-legged friend showed his appreciation for all of the Oreo Cookies he got over the course of the project!!

Amy's Greenwald Award

Amy's Greenwald Award

Amy recieved an award for her poster entitled, "Production of GnRH-II receptor Knockdown Swine", at the 8th annual Gilbert S. Greenwald symposium on reproduction, held at the University of Kansas Medical Center.


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