Department Seminars

  • room of people listening to seminar
  • Room full of faculty listening to seminar by Ashley Benes and Jill Lingaurd
  • room of people listening to seminar
  • Room full of faculty, students, and staff listening to seminar

We are currently working on the schedule for Fall 2020.

(Webinars begin at noon in A222 Animal Science.)

Sept. 5 - Departmental Overview: Our Roles in the Land-Grant Mission & Graduate Student Introductions - Karr (Teaching), Miller (Research), Spangler (Extension), and Krehbiel (Graduate Students Introductions) Departmental Overview webinar

 Sept. 19 - Mark Trotter - “GPS for cows, fit-bits for sheep, laser beams in pastures, fenceless farms: An update on some of the latest agri-tech emerging in the Australian Grazing Industries” Mark Trotter webinar

Sept. 28 - Bob Collier - “Frontiers in Thermal Biology of Cattle” Bob Collier webinar

 Oct. 3 - Mark Boggess - “A Vision for the Future at USMARC” Mark Boggess webinar

Oct. 17 - Jack Whittier - “Impacts of 40 Years of the Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory on Beef Cattle and Range Systems” Jack Whittier webinar

Oct. 31 – Ashley Benes - “Nebraska 4-H: Inspiring Young Animal Scientists” Ashley Benes webinar

Nov. 14 - Greg Penner - "Effects of Low Feed Intake on Gastrointestinal Function" Greg Penner webinar

Nov. 28 - "Feeding the Zoo: Adventures in Exotic Animal Nutrition" Kelly Kappen webinar

Dec. 10 - John Pollak - "Developing the Nebraska Integrated Beef Systems Initiative" John Pollak webinar


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