Animal Breeding and Genetics Seminars

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Animal Breeding and Genetics Seminar Schedule

Fall 2016 Animal Breeding and Genetics Seminar
When: Thursdays, 1-2 pm
Where: Room A230, Animal Science Building
Organizer: Benny Mote

Sept. 1
Hiruni Wijesena
Translational Genomics for Improving Sow Reproductive Longevity

Sept. 8
Dr. Blaine Johnson
Whole Genome Prediction: Hybrid Performance

Sept. 15
Dr. Ryan Rapp

From Front to Back: Using Genomics to Discover, Develop and Deploy Traits

Sept. 22
Tasha Gruhot
An economic analysis of sow retention in the breeding herd

Sept. 29
Haipeng Yu
The Exploration of A Four-platform Standing Scale in the Application of Measuring Temperament in Beef Cattle

Oct. 6
Dr. Dale Van Vleck
 How should we measure risk when comparing EBV

Oct. 13
Dr. James Schnable
New approaches to comparisons of gene regulation across related species

Oct. 20
Fall Semester Break

Oct. 27
Dr. Rodger Johnson
Responses and lessons learned from 35 generations of selection in pigs

Nov. 3

Nov. 10
Dr. Derek Petry

Nov. 17
Sylvia Harrison
What is the correlated response in reproduction, in poultry selected for high and low body weight?

Nov. 24

Dec. 1
Lianna Walker


Spring 2016 Animal Breeding and Genetics Seminar
When: Mondays, 11 am - 12 pm
Where: Room A230, Animal Science Building
Organizer: Gota Morota

Feb. 15
Dale Van-Vleck - Animal Science

Feb. 22
Temple Grandin*
The importance of Good Stockmanship in Reducing Stress

Feb. 29
Jungjae Lee - Animal Science
SNP pipeline and Genomic Prediction in Red Angus beef cattle

Mar. 7
Sara Nilson - Animal Science
Transcriptome Analyses of Persistently Infected Beef Calves with Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus

Mar. 14
No seminar - ASAS Midwest Meeting

Mar. 21
No seminar - Spring Break

Mar. 28
Qi Zhang - Statistics

 An Empirical Bayes Test for Allelic Imbalance Detection
Apr. 4
Napo Vargas - Animal Science

A Bayesian approach to unmix diet composition

Apr. 11
Malachy Campbell - Department of Agronomy & Horticulture
Natural variation in OsHKT1.1 provides insight into origins of salinity tolerance in rice

Apr. 18
Jamie Parham** - Animal Science
The world of genomic selection: a transition from theoretical to applied animal breeding

Apr. 25
Ron Lewis - Animal Science
Ruminations on connectedness

May 2
Emily Hilburger - Animal Science
Plant-waxes and grazing ruminant animals

*10-11 am at the East Union - ASGSA Seminar
**12-1pm in Room A230

Fall 2015 Animal Breeding and Genetics Seminar
When: Tuesdays, 1-2 pm
Where: Room A230, Animal Science Building
Organizer: Gota Morota

Sept. 8
Gonzalo Martinez - Central University of Venezuela
A summary of results from a study of animal production systems in Venezuela

Sept. 15
Gota Morota - Animal Science
Quantifying the contribution of population stratification to genomic heritability

Sept. 22
Warren Snelling - USMARC
Bull Sequence, More Sequence, Piled higher and Deeper

Sept. 29
Dale Van Vleck - Animal Science*
Gordon Dickerson: One of the Three Sons of Modern Animal Breeding

Oct. 6
No Seminar

Oct. 13
Diego Jarquin - Agronomy & Horticulture
Improving prediction accuracy in genomic selection by considering genotype by-environment interaction

Oct. 20
Fall Semester Break

Oct. 27
Istvan Ladunga - Statistics**
Pluralistic and Stochastic Gene Regulation**

Nov. 3
Hiroko Ohmiya - Animal Science
CAGE technology and its application

Nov. 10
Emily Tosky / Reyna Perez - Animal Science
Speaker 1: Emily Tosky
Title 1: Investigation and validation of the role of a QTL on SSC12 in PCV2b viremia

Speaker 2: Reyna Perez
Title 2: Tips to submit a successful application to the Open Science Grid User School

Nov. 17
Katie Ochsner - Animal Science
Selection Index Development for Beefmaster Cattle

Nov. 24
Kashly Schweer - Animal Science
Genome-wide association study for feed efficiency traits in crossbred beef cattle

Dec. 1
Robel Ghebrewold - Animal Science
Genome-wide association study for temperature regulation in beef cattle

Dec. 8
Thomas Clemente - Agronomy & Horticulture
Development of a soybean-based feedstock for aquaculture

*note that the seminar in Room A222
**note that the seminar start at 2:15 pm in Room B101

Spring 2015 Animal Breeding and Genetics Seminar
When: Friday, 11 am - 12 pm
Where: Room A230, Animal Science Building
Organizer: Daniel Ciobanu

Jan. 30
Steve Kachman, Department of Statistics
A GWAS model for interval mapping in outbred populations

Feb. 13
Brett White, Department of Animal Science
Role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone II and its receptor in testicular function of swine

Feb. 20
Max Rothschild, Department of Animal Science, ISU
Role of livestock research in reducing food insecurity

Feb. 27
Dale Van Vleck, Department of Animal Science
A legend in animal breeding: C.R. Henderson

Mar. 06
Sydney Everhart, Department of Plant Pathology
Current advances in population genetic analyses for non-model organisms

Mar. 13
Danielle Wilson-Wells, Department of Statistics
The ABCs of Bayesian Regression modeling for GWAS

Mar. 20
No Seminar

Mar. 27
Spring Break

Apr. 03
Kristi Montooth, School of Biological Sciences
Manipulating the mitochondrial-nuclear genetic relationship to gain insights into developmental physiology

Apr. 10
Devendra K. Agrawal, Senior Associate Dean for Clinical & Translational Research, Creighton University School of Medicine

Vitamin D, Immunomodulation and Coronary Artery Disease in Yucatan Microswine
Apr. 17
Sean Olson, Department of Statistics
Genomic Prediction of Reproductive Longevity in Sows

Apr. 24
Colin Meiklejohn, School of Biological Sciences
Regulation and evolution of sex chromosomes and the Drosophila male germline

May. 8
Jean – Jack Riethoven, Director, University of Nebraska - Lincoln Bioinformatics Core Research Facility Beadle Center for Biotechnology

Variant analysis in Sus scrofa / New services at the Bioinformatics Core Facility

Fall 2014 Animal Breeding and Genetics Seminar
When: Thursday, 1pm - 2pm
Where: Room A230, Animal Science Building
Organizer: Daniel Ciobanu

Sep. 17
Eli Grindflek, Norsvin/Topigs
R&D for sustainability and added value,Topigs Norsvin

Sep. 18
John Keele, US-MARC
DNA pooling to improve the feasibility of genome wide association studies of complex traits with low heritability

Oct. 2
Dale Van Vleck, Department of Animal Science
Bayesian Models (A-Z) with SNPs

Oct. 9
Nick Wu, GeneSeek (Neogen)
High-performance computation for genomic selection

Oct. 16
Mark Carlson, Department of Surgery, Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy, UNMC

Overview of Porcine Biomedical Research in Omaha
Oct. 30
Gary Bennett, US-MARC
Selection to Enhance Estimates of Genetic Marker Associations in Cattle

Nov. 6
Napoleon Vargas-Jurado, Department of Animal Science
Bayesian inference: A link between my Master's and Ph.D. program

Nov. 13
Sara Nilson and Robel Ghebrewold, Department of Animal Science

Graduate Students Presentations
Nov. 20
Katie Ochsner, Department of Animal Science
Genetic and phenotypic parameter estimates for feed intake and other traits in growing beef cattle, and opportunities for selection (2011)  K.M. Rolfe et. al., J. Anim. Sci.

Nov. 20
Kashly Schweer, Department of Animal Science
Comparison of molecular breeding values based on within- and across-breed training in beef cattle (2013) S.D. Kachman, et. al., Genetics Selection Evolution.

Dec. 5
Dr. Ronnie Green, Vice President, Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Nebraska, Harlan Vice Chancellor, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Reflections on the Brilliance of Dr. Gordon E. Dickerson
Dec. 11
Emily Tosky, Department of Animal Science
SLAII region is associated with variation in Porcine circovirus 2 susceptibility

Dec. 11
Melanie Trenhaile, Department of Animal Science
Genomic analysis of the interaction between energy intake and SNP genotypes on age at puberty and reproductive longevity