Al Svajgr-2009Al Svajgr

Family: Wife: JoAnn Children: Jeff, Joan Tigges and Jana Kopf

Dr. Al Svajgr, Cozad, owner and operator of Agrow Inc., was honored as a new member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Block and Bridle Hall of Fame April 20, 2007. The club's annual hall of fame honors people who have made significant contributions to Nebraska agriculture through leadership, service, youth projects and community activities.

Svajgr earned his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from UNL and his doctorate from the University of Kentucky. He worked for five years for Continental Grain Corporation before moving back to Cozad to work with the family operation of cattle feeding, ranching, farming and banking.

Agrow Inc. is a cattle feeding, back-grounding, yearling grass operation and irrigated farming. Along with Agrow, Svajgr also is one of the owners and current president of Darr Feedlot and is involved with Midwest Bankco Corporation, a bank holding company in Nebraska with five locations in Nebraska and Colorado.

Svajgr is an active producer in the beef industry. He has been president of the Dawson County Cattlemen's Association, Nebraska Livestock Feeders Association, past board member for the National Cattlemen's and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and past chairman for the Human Nutrition Research committee for the NCBA. He spent six years working with the Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board.

In addition, he holds leadership positions on the Nebraska Greenbelt Committee, Nebraska Cattlemen's Foundation Board, Cattlemen's Ball of Nebraska and the Nebraska Rural Rehabilitation Advisory Board.

He is a past board member of the Cozad Hospital, Agriculture Builders of Nebraska, Nebraska LEAD, Cozad Public Library and the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture.

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