4-H Horse Trail Challenge Past Event Photos

Photo Horse Trail Challenge Past Photos

Past Horse Trail Challenge Photos

4-H Horse Camp at Fort Robinson
6/14/14 5:00 PM

With 78 participants, the June 12, 13, 14 4-H Horse Camp at Fort Robinson in Western Nebraska was a huge success. Due in large part to the Dawes County UNL Extension Service organizers and sponsors. It was a full schedule for youngsters, leaders and volunteers with a variety of equine related activities, and programs.

The Trail Challenge was no exception, and event facilitator Larry O. Voecks was really happy to have the assistance and coaching expertise of horseman Joe Lemmon, the two worked together to make the obstacles attainable and fun and therefore an educational experience, just exactly what the program is designed to provide.

Jori gets help

Tristan Roping

Larry watching Tristan with the logs
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4-H Family Fun Ride
6/8/14 5:00 PM

June 6, 7, and 8th were the dates for the 4-H Family Fun Ride and Trail Challenge at the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey, Nebraska. Riding the Sand Hills in the National Forest is always great and the accommodations and food at the Nebraska 4-H Camp never fails to be a winner. Along with the ride and Trail Challenge there was also a little time in the evening for a river float and a trip down the Camp's zip line.
NQHA Halsey Sign and people

Horse obstical race

Mastering the Trap obstical
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Madison County Extension Sponsored Horse Trail Challenge
5/31/14 5:00 PM

Madison County Extension Service sponsored a really neat Trail Challenge workshop on May 31st, at Maskenthine Lake Recreation Area north of Stanton, NE. The session was facilitated by AQHA Recreational Advisor, Larry O. Voecks. The morning was devoted to adults who were interested in becoming event coordinators and/ or judges.

After a review of the AQHA Recreational Activities Guide Book the group mounted up and rode through the approximate 14 permanent obstacles on the north side of the lake, and discussed how each obstacle could be utilized in the various divisions, and how they could be judged accordingly.

After lunch a number of 4H youth arrived for a Trail Challenge Clinic introduction and an opportunity to experience what the AQHA Trail Challenge was all about. This also gave the adults who attended the morning session an opportunity to practice their judging skills and discuss their judging logic. A great way to introduce the program!

Overseeing the riders

Remounting inside logs

Covered tunnel challenge

Moving through posts well done
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