Back row (From left to right): Rebecca Gunderson, Kathy Anderson; Front row (From left to right): Elli Dearmont, Caitlin Davis, Kate Rawlinson, Rachel Sorensen

2016 UNL Horse Judging Team

2016 group horse judging team picture

UNL Communication

The 2016 UNL Horse Judging Team competed in three competitions the fall of 2016. The team consists of Rachel Sorensen, a senior from Plainview, NE ; Elli Dearmont, a senior from Hickman, NE; Kate Rawlinson, a senior from Lincoln, NE; and Caitlin Davis, a junior from Waverly, NE.

The team practiced more than three days a week and some weekends. The competitions entail judging 12 classes, 8 performance and 4 halter classes.  The first contest was in Tulsa Oklahoma, for the Tulsa State fair. This was a warm up contest for the team. Rachel placed 6th in performance and they were 5th overall as a team.

The second contest was a first for the judging team, Arabian Nationals held in Tulsa Oklahoma. Here Rachel was 9th in performance, Elli was 5th in halter, and 5th in reasons, Kate was 8th in halter, and Caitlin was 7th in reasons. The team was 2nd in reasons, 3rd in halter, performance, and 3rd place overall team.

The last contest was the AQHA World Championships. In the limited division, for halter Caitlin was 7th, and Elli 4th, for performance, Caitlin 10th, Kate 7th, and Elli 1st, for reasons Caitlin was 7th, and Elli 5th. Overall Caitlin was 6th and Elli was high individual. In the Senior College Racheal placed 5th in reasons. The team was coached by Dr. Kathy Anderson and Rebecca Gunderson, UNL graduate student.