Otto LiebersOtto Liebers

"Honored Posthumously"

Otto Liebers was born at Minden, Nebraska, June 25, 1887. Attended rural grade school, Minden High School, and Grand Island Baptist College. He was a graduate of Nebraska School of Agriculture, 1909, and University of Nebraska, 1913, with a Bachelor of Science, ranking first in his class. Mr. Liebers married Ethel L. Kindig, September 3, 1913 and they had three children.

Mr. Liebers became Nebraska's first County Agricultural Agent, Gage County, 1913-1916. He was the Agricultural and Immigration Agent for Lines West Burlington Railroad, Denver, 1916-1919, Manager, Nebraska Dairy Development Society for 10 years and Appraiser for Federal Land Bank for 15 years.

He served as President for the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement; director and member of the Executive Board Ford Foundation, Resources for the Future, Inc., Washington, D.C., Honorary director and past president of Nebraska State Guernsey Breeders' Association, Co-chairman of the Salt-Wahoo Watershed Association, director and member, Executive Committee of The American Guernsey Cattle Club, Petersborough, N.H., Director, Mid-West Sales Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, past president, Nebraska State Dairymen's Association and Inter-Bred Dairy Cattle Council, and director, Governmental Research Institute, Inc.

Mr. Liebers served as State Senator in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature, 1951, 1953, 1955, and special sessions, 1952, 1954. He was a member of the Nebraska Legislature Budget Committee, and chairman of the Legislative Tax Study Committee.

He was a member of Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Rotary Club, Lancaster County Fair Board, Masonic Lodge, Lincoln Dinner Club, University Club, Candle Light Club, Dairy Shrine Club, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Gamma Sigma, and Honorary Member of Innocents Society.