Earl MohahanEarl Mohahan

The Monahan Cattle Company near Hyannis, Nebraska is now under the active management of James Monahan, Mr. Earl Monahan's son. It consists of more than 100,00 acres of grazing land stocked with 2,000 head of commercial Herefords and 150 head of registered Herefords. James H. Monahan founded the family ranch in 1887 and turned it over to Earl in 1921. The ranch began as a small homestead, two cows and two calves. Earl increased the holdings greatly during his tenure of management and established the purebred herd.

Mr. Monahan has held the following important offices in state and national livestock organizations: past vice-president and president of the Nebraska Stock Growers Association, past president and director of the American Hereford Association and presently a director of the American National Cattlemen's Association.