D.V. SpohnD.V. Spohn

Dr. D.V. Spohn has specialized in the production of quality purebred cattle, sheep and hogs on his 640 acre farm near Superior, Nebraska. As indicated by his winnings, he has produced and is presently producing some of the top sheep in the state. Mr. Spohn produced and showed purebred Duroc hogs from 1917 to 1944. He also maintains a small herd of registered Shorthorns.

Mr. Spohn has been an active member of the Nebraska Livestock Breeders and Feeders Association. He has served on the Board of Directors on numerous occasions and as President of the organization for four years of the last ten. After helping organize the Nebraska Purebred Sheep Breeders Association, Mr. Spohn served as Director for twenty-six years and has been President since 1953. He has served as a delegate representing the Kansas-Nebraska Sheep Council in the American Sheep Producers Council for two years. Since Mr. Spohn produced purebred Duroc hogs it is not surprising that he served as President of the National Duroc Records Association for a one year term.

In addition to Mr. Spohn's work, offices and honors concerned with extension and the Soil Conservation Service, he has contributed generously of his time to community and civic activities of his agricultural community. These include being a band director, serving on the board of education, and being active in his local church. Nebraska is indeed indebted to Mr. Spohn for his leadership and contributions in the agricultural field.