Parr YoungParr Young

Mr. Parr Young is without any doubt one of the foremost leaders in feeding of cattle and swine in the state of Nebraska. As a little boy, Mr. Young was given two calves with the understanding that if he would take good care of both the could keep one. He took care of the calves and from that time until his retirement in 1955 cattle feeding has been his life.

Mr. Young was the founder and first president of the Cass County Feeders Association and was instrumental in organizing the Nebraska Feeders Association with he served as its second president. He also has served on the Nebraska Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Committee. In his community, Parr has been a trustee in the Murray United Presbyterian Church, chairman of the County Fair Bureau and completed terms on the county fair board and a Cass County Commissioner.

Although Mr. Young retired from the cattle feeder business in 1955, he still lives close to the place where he fed out many thousands of hogs and beef animals.