Harry KnabeHarry Knabe

Mr. Knabe, a nationally known swine breeder, started his success in 1918 and 1959 he qualified the first "Pacesetter Litter" in the world. This testing program measures sow productivity, rate of gain and carcass merit.

In 1929, Mr. Knabe developed the great Promoter boar, which took junior championship honors at the Nebraska State Fair that year, was named champion yearling in 1930 and was grand champion in 1931, 1932 and 1933.

After the depression and drought of 1934 he bounced back in 1936 with the world's junior champion boar. In 1938 he had both the world champion sow and world champion boar, believed to be the first time both champions were owned by one breeder.

In 1953, Knabe was named a Nebraska 4-H alumni winner. The Knabe family was honored as a pioneer farm family by Ak-Sar-Ben in 1956. Pioneer farm families live on farms which have been in continued ownership within the family for 100 years of more. Harry Knabe was born on the 344 acre farm homesteaded by his grandfather, John, in 1854.