Albert HultinAlbert Hultin

John Albert Hultine was born in January of 1877 on the Hultine homestead south of Saronville, Nebraska. He married Huldah England March 27, 1901, and was the father of two sons, Lloyd and Cleo.

Mr. Hultine was an avid reader of current events; was a board member of the Perpetual Care Association; was a school board member and an active officer and board member of the National and Nebraska Polled Shorthorn Associations.

The Hultine's first showed cattle at the Nebraska State Fair in 1911. From 1916 on, this herd showed at the major shows winning ten international Grand Championships. (Royal, Western, Fort Worth, and San Francisco Expositions, plus seven state fairs).

Many Polled Shorthorn herds trace to Hultine breeding. The July 1954 "Nebraska Cattlemen" refers to Albert Hultine, "...he is respected by many contemporaries as having advanced and improved his breed more than any other living man."

Cattle from the Hultine herd have gone to Australia, South Africa, South America, New Zealand and Canada.

Mr. Hultine was in the first group to be honored as a Builder of the Breed by the Shorthorn World. He also received the first Nebraska Stock Growers Award of Merit given to a Shorthorn breeder the same year as the Nebraska Block and Bridle Club selected him to be honored. On May 21, 1958, Mr. Hultine received a 50 Year Shipper to the Omaha Market Pin.