Leunis Van EsLeunis Van Es

Dr. Van Es was born in Melissant, Holland, in October of 1868, He received his V.S., at Toronto in 1893; his M.D. at Alabama in 1898; and his honorary Sc.D. at Pennsylvania in 1935. He was professor of veterinary science at North Dakota College, and professor of animal pathology and hygiene, at the University of Nebraska 1918-1946. He was a U.S. delegate to the Congress of Veterinary Medicine, the Hague in 1909.

He was member of the Veterinary Medical Association, the Public Health Association, the Tuberculosis Association and the U.S. Livestock Sanitary Association.

Some of his work in Veterinary Medicine have included research on Tetanus, bovine and avian tuberculosis, avian tuberculin test, glanders, hog cholera, swamp fever, parasitic and phylasix, immunity to Bacillus bipolaris, host relations of Bacillus tuberculosis, tuberculosis of swine and other mammals, enzootic liver cirrhosis, epizootology, anthrax swine erysispelas, principles of animal hygiene and preventive veterinary medicine. His research and publications have been instrumental in helping to find the cures and causes of many animal diseases.