PASE Retail Meat Cut Identification Presentations

PASE Retail Meat Identification Presentations

This section includes presentations with pictures of the all the retail cuts listed in the Nebraska list of retail cuts. Presentations use Adobe Presenter and may require updates if you are using Mac OS X v10.7 Lion. Check for updates at and download Download Adobe Connect 8 Meeting Add-in for Mac (ZIP format, 12.8 MB). If you wish to play the presentations on an iPad, you need to load the Adobe Presenter application from the App Store or from iTunes. The presentation may take some time to load on the iPad, however playback is smooth after loading,

Pictures and presentations were produced by the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and are copyright of the University of Nebraska.


Beef Cuts

Brisket and Chuck
Loin and Rib
Flank, Plate, Flank, Variety Meats, and Various Cuts

Pork Cuts

Ham or Leg, and Shoulder
Side, Spareribs, Jowl, Variety Meats, and Various Cuts

Lamb Cuts

Leg, Loin, and Rib
Breast, Shoulder, and Variety Meats