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Conformation and selection of horses narrated PowerPoint
Comparison of basic conformation narrated Power Point
Resource Page for Judging Conformation

ShowmanshipShowmanship Competitors

Resource Page for Judging Showmanship

Western Pleasure

Evaluating Western Pleasure narrated Power Point
Resource Page for Judging Western Pleasure


Judging Reining narrated Power Point
Resource Page for Judging Reining

Western Riding

Western Horseman with Horse

Judging Western Riding narrated Power Point
Resource Page for Judging Western Riding

Western Horsemanship

Resource Page for Judging Western Horsemanship


Resource Page for Judging Trail

Hunter Under Saddle

Judging Hunter Under Saddle narrated Power Point
Resource Page for Judging Hunter Under Saddle

Hunt Seat EquitationHunter Jumper

Resource Page for Judging Hunt Seat Equitation

Working Hunter

Resource Page for Judging Working Hunter


Resource Page for Judging Jumping

Hunter Hack

Resource Page for Judging Hunter Hack

Equitation Over Fences

Resource Page for Judging Equitation Over Fences


Resource Page for Judging Dressage

Scored Classes

Resource Page for Judging Scored Classes

Timed Classes

Resource Page for Judging Timed Classes

Cattle Classes

Resource Page for Judging Cattle Classes
Working Ranch Horse Class
This DVD has been developed to explain and demonstrate the Nebraska Working Ranch Horse Class. Included are video clips from the Nebraska State 4-H Horse Show to explain the concept of the class as well as provide insight as to how the class is judged.

Ranch Riding

Resource Page for Judging Ranch Riding

Oral Reasons

Presenting Oral Reasons in Horse Judging Contests DVD

To order go to:
Oral Reasons
This DVD is a must for any horse judging team coach &/or team member. It demonstrates how to take notes, organize a set of reasons, plus deliver both reasons on a halter class and a performance class.

Nebraska 4-H Horse Show
Judging Guide and Patterns

4-H Horse Show Judge Certification

Judging Competitors
4-H Horse Show Judges Certification requirements for ALL on the Nebraska 4-H Horse Show Judges list

  •  NEW Judges MUST:
    • Attend a judges training AND pass (80%) a written rule book exam (see below)
    • Upon completion of both, new judges will be placed on the Nebraska 4-H Horse show judges list
  • CURRENT judges MUST:
    • Re-certify once every 3 years
    • Re-certification includes:
      • Attend a Judges Training AND pass (80%) a written rule book exam
  • Rule book Exam
    • Rule book exam will be over the "current" Nebraska 4-H Horse Show and Judging Guide
      • 80% required to pass the exam
      • Exam fee = $20
      • Exam will be available at the Judges Workshop or your Local Extension office
        • Proof of completion of judges training is required if taking the exam at your local extension office.
      • Re-takes
        • Exam can be taken 2 additional times at no additional fee. However, re-takes of the exam MUST be done within 60 days of the when the exam was first taken.
    • Attend either a Horse Show Judges Workshop OR complete the on-line course (see below)
      • Horse show Judges Workshops
        • Please click here for dates and locations
        • Written exam will be available at the Judges Workshop
        • Registrations close one week prior to each Workshop
        • Workshop Fee (includes exam) = $40 (late fee is an additional $10)
      • Preparing to be a Professional Horse Show Judge on-line course
        • Available at:
        • Course fee = $20
          • You have 30 days to complete the on-line course
        • Complete the online exam and print your certificate (proof of training)
        • Present your certificate to your local extension office and schedule your exam over the current Nebraska 4-H Horse Show and Judging Guide.
          • Written exam fee = $20

Contact Lena Luck at with any questions.

Judges List
Dress Code PDF (2.8 mb)

Nebraska 4-H Horse Judge Certification and Judges List

E-mail Address
Deb Adams

Re-Certified 5/18
Rachel Crook

Certified 3/
Caitlin Davis

Certified 4/17
Rachel Dennert
Certified 5/16

Taytum Dickman
Certified 3/19

Joni Ebel
Re-Certified 4/18

Brandon Essink
Re-Certified 5/18

Kelsey (Horner) Ebke
Certified 4/17

Robin Ferguson
Certified 2/19

Blaire Gibbens
Certified 3/19

Ann Gillentine
Certified 4/16

Amanda Gonzalez
Certified 5/16

Rebecca Gunderson
Certified 5/17

Gene Heathers
Certified 4/18

Tracy Heathers
Re-Certified 4/18

Lori Jaixen
Certified 5/17

Grace Kim
Certified 8/19

Abby Knobbe
Re-Certified 5/17

Shelly Labenz
Certified 7/18

Mackenzie Main
Certified 8/19

T.L. Meyer
Re-Certified 4/18

Chantel Sempek
Certified 5/19

Bailee Sobotka
Certified 6/17

Rachel Sorensen
Certified 4/17

Dani Spatz
Re-Certified 02/16

Michelle Swoboda
Certified 5/17

Jan Wagner
Certified 07/17

Christine Wilson
Certified 02/16

Jenilee Woltman
Certified 4/17


All judges have been checked on the state and national sexual offender registry and are eligible under the youth safety policy to judge 4-H horse shows.

Revised 03/19

4-H Horse Judging Score Sheets

Score Sheets