FFA Veterinary Science Contest Equipment and Materials

Here is a complete list of all equipment and materials you may be asked to identify:

(Note: Click the Red text for a picture and desciption of the item.)

Ambubag Endotracheal Tubes Pig Tooth Nippers
Anesthetic Machine #1 Fecal Loop Radiology Personal Protective Equipment
Anesthetic Machine #2 Fecalyzers Rectal Prolapse Ring - Swine
Autoclave Feeding Tub for Small Animals Rumen Magnet
Autoclave Tape Indicator Scalpel Blade Backhaus Towel Clamps
Fetal Extractor - calf Scalpel Handle Balling Gun
Forceps - Allis Tissue Scissors - Bandage Bandaging Material - Elasticon
Forceps - Babcock Tissue Scissors - Lister Bandage Bandaging Material - Roll Gauze
Forceps - Brown-Adson Thumb Scissors - Littauer Suture Removal Bandaging Material - Vet Wrap
Forceps - Crile Scissors - Mayo Dissecting Bands (Castration or Docking)
Forceps - Halstead Mosquito Hemostatic Scissors - Metzenbaum Dissecting Cat Bag
Forceps - Kelly Scissors - Suture Wire Cutting Catch pole (dog snare)
Forceps - Rat Tooth Thumb Silver Nitrate Sticks Catheter - Butterfly
Forceps - Alligator Small Animal Oxygen Cage Catheter - IV
Gravity Feed/J Tub Snook Ovariohysterectomy Hook Catheter - Tomcat urinary
Speculum - Large Animal Oral Head gate Speculum - Small Animal Oral
Centrifuge Hog Snare Speculum - Vaginal
Chemical Indicator Strips Hoof Knife Squeeze Chute
Cold Sterile Tray Hoof Rasp Staple Remover
Dehorner - Barnes Iv administration set Stethoscope
Dehorner - Electric Laparoscope Surgical Drapes
Dental Floats Laryngoscopes Suture Needle - Cutting
Dental Scaler Muzzle - Basket Suture Needle - Taper
Muzzle - Nylon Syringe - Automatic, Multi-Dose DrenchGun - small ruminant
Tattooing Instruments - Small and Large Ear Notcher Needle holder - Mayo-Hegar
Tonometer Elastrator Needle Holder - Olsen-Hegar
Tourniquet Elizabethan collar Obstetrical Chain and Handle
Trocar & Cannula Emasculators Opthalmoscope
Twitch Chain Endoscope Otoscope
Twitch Handle