Director of Agricultural Research & Development Center
Professor, Beef NutritionPhoto Don Adams

1071 County Rd G
Ithaca, NE 68033-2234
Phone: (402)624-8089
Mini CV


  • Ph.D. New Mexico State University, 1980
  • M.S. Utah State University, 1978
  • B.S. Utah State University, 1976
  • General Curriculum, Southern Utah State College, 1974


  • Professor of Animal Science/Extension Beef Specialist, University of Nebraska, West Central Research & Extension Center, North Platte, NE (1990-present)
  • Research Range Nutritionist, USDA-ARS Ft. Keogh LARRL, Miles City, MT, January (1981-1990)
  • Associate Dean, Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture - Curtis, NE


  • Omtvedt Innovation Award (2008)
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Award of Merit for Excellence in Agriculture (2007)
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Distinguished Service Award (2005)
  • Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources Team Award (2003)... member of the cow-calf forage systems team
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Team Programming Award (2002)
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Distinguished Extension Specialist Award (2001)
  • Wendell Burgher Beef Industry Award (2001)
  • Senior Faculty Holling Family Award for Teaching Excellence (2000)
  • Kling Anderson Lecturer, Kansas State University Agronomy Department (1995)
  • Associate Editor for the Journal of Range Management (1993-1997, 1989-1991)
  • Young Scientist Award, Western Section American Society of Animal Science (1990)


  • American Society of Animal Science
  • Society for Range Management


  • Study nutrition of grazing beef cattle, including forage intake, diet composition, nutrient requirements, supplementation, and interactions of nutrition with reproduction.
  • Development and study of range beef systems and beef cow management.
  • Oversee management and operations of University of Nebraska Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory and coordinate research with ranch personnel and faculty.


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