Aaron Stalker

Photo Aaron StalkerAssociate Professor, Ruminant Nutrition

West Central Research & Extension Center
402 W. State Farm Rd
North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: 308-696-6707
Fax: 308-532-3823
Email: astalker3@unl.edu

Mini CV


  • Ph.D. in Animal Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dissertation Title: Protein and Energy Supplements in Range Beef Production Systems
  • M.S. in Animal Science, New Mexico State University. Thesis Title: Protein Supplementation Strategies for Cattle Grazing Poor Quality Forage
  • B.S. in Animal Science, Colorado State University. Concentration: Science


  • Range Beef Systems Specialist/ Assistant Professor at University of Nebraska Lincoln (2007-present)
  • Extension Beef Specialist/ Assistant Professor at Oregon State University (2005-2006)


  • Excellence in Applied Animal Science Research Award, WSASAS - 3rd Place (2005)
  • William G. Whitmore Student Travel Award recipient (2005)
  • Colorado Nutrition Roundtable Graduate Student Poster Competition - Winner (2004)
  • John and Louise Skala Fellowship Award recipient (2004)
  • John Hallman Memorial Award recipient (2004)
  • Widaman Trust Distinguished Graduate Assistant Award recipient (2003)
  • Albert L. Newman Graduate Student Paper Competition - Winner (2002)


  • L.A. Stalker, D.C. Adams, and T.J. Klopfenstein. 2007. Urea Inclusion in Distillers Dried Grains Supplements. Professional Animal Scientist. 23:390-394.
  • Stalker, L.A., L.A. Ciminski, D.C. Adams, T.J. Klopfenstein, and R.T. Clark. 2007. Effects of Weaning Date and Prepartum Protein Supplementation on Cow Performance and Calf Growth. Rangeland Ecology and Manage. 60:578-587.
  • Stalker, L.A., D.C. Adams, T.J. Klopfenstein, D.M. Feuz, and R.N. Funston. 2006. Effects of pre- and postpartum nutrition on reproduction in spring calving cows and calf feedlot performance. J. Anim. Sci. 84: 2582-2589.

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