Photo 2014 Beef Cattle Merchandising Class

2014 Beef Cattle Merchandising Class

"Bulls Worth Waiting For"

 2014 Bull Sale Ad PDF (26 KB)

New--Angus Sale Bull EPD (Excel 15 KB)

Sale Bull ASA EPD (Excel 31 kb) This represents the bulls that will be in our sale. All EPDs are Hybrid Simmental EPDs. The color codes are as follows: Black = Angus, Red = Husker Red, and Blue = Husker Black. Angus derived EPD on our Angus offering will be available soon.

Scrotal Measurements

2014 Sale Catalog (PDF 2 MB)

Saturday - April 11, 2015 - 1:00 pm
R.B. Warren Arena

Welcome to the University of Nebraska Bull Sale website sponsored by the Beef Cattle Merchandising class taught each spring in the Animal Science Department. Students in this class get hands-on experience in advertising, catalog preparation, data collection and the management of a seedstock bull sale. The 180 cow NU Beef Teaching herd located on the Ag Research and Development Center (ARDC) near Mead, Nebraska supplies the bulls and data for the class. Thought leading beef cattle breeders and other experts are invited to speak to our students throughout the spring semester.

NU Final Answer 3051A

Photo NU Final Answer 3051A Bull

Husker Red 3075A

Photo Husker Red 3075A Bull

Husker Red 3106A

Photo Husker Red 3106A Bull

Husker Black 3126A

Photo Husker Black 3126A Bull

NU Unique 3153A

Photo NU Unique 3153A Bull

Husker Black 3096A

Photo Husker Black 3096A Bull